Texas Getaway!

Addy and I just got home from Texas Tuesday and we are already missing a lot about it: All our great friends, the warm weather and of course the food! But we were ready to be back to Utah to see Matt and be in our own space.

Addy did so well on all the flights to and from! I was scared and definitely over-prepared for the flights but I knew had I not been it wouldn’t have gone so well. She pretty much slept the majority of the flights, lucky me! She LOVES the i-pad and played with that and books and her new baby when she wasn’t sleeping. Everyone around me always commented on how good of a baby she was. On our flight from Austin to Phoenix, it wasn’t a full flight. I was so excited we would get the whole row to ourselves but this cute old couple from Kyle, TX wanted to sit by us because of Addy (that was a first). They were so cute.

Both ways we had a two hour layover is Phoenix. I was worried because it makes for a much longer day but I pretty much wore Addy out both layovers. She would walk the stroller everywhere, throw the ball and laugh so hard, stare out the window at the planes landing. It was fun, I think that is a good reason why she slept all the flights!

When we landed in Austin I had to transport: Addy in the stroller, diaper bag, toy bag, car seat and luggage. Yes, I definitely didn’t travel light. When I went to get our car rental they tried (like always) to get to to pay a little extra for a mid-size vehicle. I always oppose because when they say that usually means they are out of cars and I’ll get it anyway. Well the lady said she had a mazda 2, I figured it was a car comparable to a ford focus or something. Boy was I wrong, it was tiny. Addy’s car seat wouldn’t fit in it plus I was worried at how tiny it really was. I found someone to talk to them and they said my other option was a VW bug. Hello, same thing! I was so annoyed and ended up paying the extra fee to get a bigger car that I was much happier and more comfortable with!

We had the best hosts! We stayed with Cami and Juan and they were so nice, so accommodating and generous! I couldn’t ask for better friends. Cami made us dinner the first night we were there and it was delicious! (If you are reading this, I NEED the recipe.) Stephanie, Cam and Andy were there as well. It was so nice to see everyone. I didn’t feel like I was visiting, I felt like I still lived there. I felt this way the WHOLE time I was there. I definitely miss it so much. Not just the people but the atmosphere, the culture, everything!

We seriously had such a great time though. Everyone asked what I wanted to do, see etc. I seriously just wanted to get away from Utah to see my friends and relax…call me crazy! 

On Thursday: We went to a friends little girl’s birthday party. It was so nice to catch up and see old friends.  We went for a little stroll around the complex and visited with a few friends. Later that night we went to olive garden for girl’s night. After a few of us saw the movie Safe Haven.  

Friday: Friday morning a few of us went for a walk around the normal 3 mile loop. It was just like old times. After we got pita fusion for lunch but I forgot to ask for extra mean green so it was just ok, I knew I had to go back before I left. That afternoon Cami, Jaymie and I literally sat on the couch for hours talking. We didn’t end up showering until like 4 o’clock. That night we all met up at Torchy’s tacos. The best tacos! It was a little awkward, not gonna lie so I scooted out with Addy. Later that night we played games and everything was better.

Saturday: Cami, Jaymie and I all went to San Marcos outlets without kids! We left all the kiddos at home with Juan for SIX hours! I felt so bad and I never anticipated it being that long. Juan is convinced that Addy is scared of anyone that is of color. (I begged to differ, but I think it might be true. That’s what you get living in Utah, right?!) Before we got on the road we HAD to stop at CVS and Ulta to look for the hip new chapstick, EOS. Seriously they are so cute and they are wonderful. You should definitely get the sweet mint, so good! Before we started our shopping extravaganza we had to eat, we couldn’t go anywhere that wasn’t Texas, we were going to be lame and go to a sandwich shop at the mall, but it was closed…so we went to the Burger and Boutique thing across the freeway from the mall. It was actually really good. The buns were the best part! Jaymie got fried green tomatoes (a first for me) and they were pretty good. Cami got fries and onion rings. They were also great. I would definitely go back! Our shopping trip was a huge success. I got a new bag from Kate Spade, just what I wanted, a few new pair of pants and some things for Addy. Cami and Jaymie were also successful. After such a crazy day we stayed in that night and got Chuy’s to go, seriously I need the creamy jalapeno recipe! Anyone?

Sunday: Church was bright and early…8 am! Addy and I chatted to lots of friends and made it into nursery. I thought our nursery was crazy, this was crazy! But Addy loved it. With church that early it makes the day seem really long. We got back from church and all took naps, went on a walk and had yummy roast for dinner. Later that night more friends stopped by and we had yummy cake and cookies!

Monday: Was my last day :( Stephanie and I were the only ones who were up for a walk and we did our usual. Once we got home I quickly got ready and headed to another friends, Alanna, house to hang out and catch up. It was fun to see her and her cute girls. It seriously felt like I saw her yesterday. That’s what great friends do! Addy got really grumpy so we cut our time short and headed back for a nap. Juan picked us up pitas and it was 10x better than Friday! Later that afternoon Jaymie and I ran up to the Round Rock outlets because I saw a coat at Banana that I really wanted but I couldn’t justify the cost. I thought maybe it was cheaper but it wasn’t. But Jaymie got some new basketball shoes so it was a successful trip. That afternoon I met my friend Allison for a walk to catch up. After we got back Addy and I went to the park for all abilities across the street until everyone was ready for dinner. Seriously, the coolest park but it was sooooo busy! I saw a few people from the ward, I chatted with the ladies while Addy was on the swing. The girls kept commenting on Addy’s cute expression but I didn’t snap a picture because my phone was literally dead! We went to Rudy’s that night and it was AMAZING. I love that place. Matt is getting pretty good at mastering his brisket but this is so yummy. I picked up Matt a pound to attempt to fly home. After Rudy’s we attempted to get Kawaii Ice but it was closed, even though it was 86 degrees that day. We hurried back to Cami’s because everyone was getting together to watch the Bachelorette (Yes, we all love it that much to get together). I snuck out for a bit to say goodbye to Allison and James. But all and all it was a fabulous night and I got to hang out wit lots of friends.

I seriously feel so at home in Texas, I don’t know what it is. I keep telling myself it gets really hot in the summer and practically unbearable but I still think about it often and miss it! It will definitely have a place in our hearts forever…and who knows maybe I will convince Matt to move back one day. I did keep joking to Matt to pack up and meet me but he did not find it comical whatsoever, I need a better tactic. Suggestions?!

We had the best time and it was just what I needed!! I got to spend so much time and see all my great friends and even met some new friends! Cami and Juan were the best hosts. We ate so much delicious food and now I need to stop dreaming about Round Rock donuts and loose a few pounds. I can’t wait to go back and see everyone! Hopefully sooner than later!

Addy was so funny. I kept talking about Daddy and I for sure thought she would be so excited to see him when we landed. She had no expression whatsoever. It was pretty funny. Matt got me flowers when I got into the car, so cute! It was so nice to be home, we missed Matt so much! His meat was a success…thanks to a recommendation to freeze it. I also surprised him with RR donut holes as well. He was thrilled, the donuts were practically gone that night.

It was a perfect getaway but back to reality we are…boo!



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  • Cami says:

    You are so good about blogging all the fun details! You were our best house guest ever. I have been raving to people about how you were constantly helping out, giving us plenty of space, and paying for my meals. You are the best.

  • Amber says:

    It was so fun to see you!! Come back soon :)

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