Smith’s Life Update

A few Friday’s ago I had a playgroup with some close friends and their kiddos. It was so much fun. I was a little worried some of the older kids would have a hard time being entertained but they had a great time. It was a little crazy and chaotic with all the mom’s and kids but it was so fun and I can’t wait to do it again.

My dear friend Cami from Texas came to visit. She was literally only here a few days but made time to come see Addy and I. We went on a walk early in the morning, it was pretty cold but it was great to catch up with her and actually walk with a friend. It seriously made my day but made me miss her and so much about Texas. We can’t wait to go visit her in a few months!

My dad LOVES anything to do with car racing. When I was little our Sundays involved dad was watching Nascar. My dad would lay on the couch, literally sleeping eyes closed and everything, watching nascar. It drove us crazy, he wasn’t even watching it and the sound of the car racing by drove me crazy. I didn’t understand why anyone would want to watch that sport, if you’d call it a sport. I don’t know which is worse, golf or nascar?! Well, my dad’s love for car racing led us to the race park out in Tooele a few weeks ago to ride go-karts. I was so excited, I love go-kart racing. My dad always took us when we were little but this was a legit course. We got there a little early to watch the competition teams go, these weren’t adults, they were literally young kids, maybe 11 and I was seriously shocked at the speed and the intensity of the race. We asked how fast they were going, they said probably close to 90, we were going 3x slower than that! My dad definitely kicked all of our butts but it was so fun. The first few times around I was a bit hesitant but then realized this go-kart can’t roll and I got a little more risky. Not nearly as risky as my dad, Danny or Matt but risky enough. Even though Danny swears I ran another guy off the road and almost hit them, I don’t recall. Maybe I was just in the zone…I know I can be a pretty crazy driver! We were hoping to go a few times but the lines were so long. We will definitely be going again once the winter pasts.

We love conference weekend and love that we are close and able to spend the time with family again. We always go to dinner with Matt’s family, usually to sizzler (I know what you’re thinking but it’s really not that bad, I love the salad bar) but this time we went to Olive Garden. Even though they aren’t my favorite it’s fun to spend time with all our nieces and nephews. On Sunday morning we always go to Steve and Laura’s for cinnamon french toast and pepper bacon. We love our traditions. Addy loves spending time with all her cousins.

My mom, sisters and I love shopping. If you know us well you know that we love good deals and we’re always up for shopping. My mom took my little sister and I up to Park City to get some Christmas shopping done and we had such a great time. The weather was perfect and I went crazy finding so many cute outfits for Christmas, I can’t wait!

It’s starting to really feel like fall, the weather is cooler, fall leaves are everywhere and the thought of holidays are fresh in my mind! We are looking forward to the upcoming holidays and spending time with the family. We have a busy few months ahead. Addy is turning ONE in just a few weeks, my sister is having TWINS and I am throwing a baby shower for her and we have lots of holiday parties and family gatherings. I can’t wait! This is seriously my favorite time of year!


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  • Cami says:

    Christmas shopping already?! Me too. And this is definitely the best time of the year. I love your go-kart experience, sounds way fun!

  • Lindsey says:

    We went go kart racing at indoor track for blakelys birthday and it was soo fun! I took last place in but races but there is no shame in caution right?!

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