House Pictures

Ok, so it’s not that exciting but here are some pictures of each room of our house!

We’re already SO in love with everything, especially the house, but the neighborhood, location…it’s perfect!

Some of the perks:

We don’t have to share walls with anyone, ever again! 

We’re seriously 2 minutes away from Costco (we LOVE costco)…and lots of other great stores. 

The park is 4 houses away.

The neighborhood is so well kept and so gorgeous and the neighborhood is so friendly and filled with tons of kids (seriously our first thought was…oh no we’re going to need a lot of Halloween candy!)

We have so much space and storage. I actually have a closet big enough for all my clothes and shoes (with spare room)! That’s unbelievable.

We can’t believe we are here and look forward to making our house our home and getting to know more of our neighbors.

I keep thinking we are living a fairy tale, like we are house sitting and this dream will all change, but reality is…we have our very own house and we are so in love with it.

It’s been fun buying new furniture, drapes, wall accessories and so much more. I will take pictures of before and after and post more pictures. It is going to take some time (and lots of money) to get each room complete. It’s definitely a work in progress but I’m loving every minute of it. I finally found a kitchen table and love it! We just got a new couch and it should be here Friday. We have ordered a new bookshelf and we start painting Addy’s room this week.  Everything is coming along great. Now it’s just keeping up on all the fun projects!

And now the pictures…I didn’t get all the rooms, like Matt’s very messy office or some bathrooms, laundry area or basement…those are just boring.  



3 Responses to “House Pictures”

  • Cami says:

    I loved your shady backyard. And your whole neighborhood, it really is the perfect location! Just one question, is the bathtub gross to you in this house? Or only in apartments? lol

  • Matt says:

    Oh Cami…you would be the one to ask. I still think it’s gross BUT I am willing to use the bath knowing only one family has ever used it…It has to have a deep deep cleaning before though and then I still think about it when I use it. HAHA! I will come around.

  • Melody says:

    Everything’s looking great! I love your new furniture! You’ll have to tell me where you got it. It’s a lovely home! :)

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