Harrison:18 months

It has been a really long time since I have done an update on sweet little Harrison! He is officially 18 months. I just can’t believe how quick this past year and a half have gone, it just doesn’t seem right!

He is officially ready for nursery now. We have been going sporadically and I think he is going to be immensely better than Addy. We went this last week and he did awesome. We didn’t have to go in once. Score for us!

He is still a pretty good eater, but can also be pretty picky and especially picky when it comes to healthy foods. My kids have an knack for that!

It would be an understatement to say that he LOVES to go outside. He seriously gets so excited when we open the door or say we are going outside, this kids lives for the outdoors! He especially loves being pushed in the swing, but seriously who wouldn’t?!, but really really loves the sandbox. He could play in the sand for hours, of course he eats a ton of sand and it always ends up piled in his hair but he is perfectly content with a shovel and sand! He also loves to run straight for the road or down the street if we are in the front yard which is completely scary to me. This kid acts like he just doesn’t care or just knows how to make his mama super nervous and frustrated all at the same time.

Again, he is a runner. He runs away from me constantly. He hates to be restrained and will not sit in a shopping cart. He wants to wonder at his own free will and will try to make it to the exit if he can. He has at the library and made it outside, the little stinker! He think it is the best to be chased, probably because we tease and constantly chase him around the house at home, so why wouldn’t we in the middle of Old Navy? But the second Addy starts to be my little helper and will “go get him” it just turns into a huge game and he is running full force, it isn’t always fun and games.

He used to be our “happy go lucky” little boy but these days he is sure hard. He whines all day and has no communication whatsoever, he pretty much just points and whines at everything that he wants. He does say maybe 5 words but his vocabulary has gone down and I am pretty worried about it. He does say Thank You, which seems huge to me, but he still isn’t very vocal and I feel like that is why we struggle so much.

He is so into cars, trucks, dinosaurs….you name it! He just loves them and is such a boy! He loves to see the cars fly down the floor and even better when they crash.

He sure loves his little sister. He looks for her when she is gone and loves to see her when he wakes up. He also loves playing with all her toys, especially the princesses that he can pull all the bodies out of the dresses, it is sure a fun game to him. They play fairly well together but Addy is definitely learning how to cope with him more and more.

One of my favorite things is how he giggles whenever I rub his back. He likes it for a few seconds and then thinks it is so ticklish and will giggle and think it is a game.

He loves to shake his head no to everything we ask. Sometimes he will pause, acting like he knows the right answer, but will still shake his head. We love to ask him questions to see him shake his little head.

He is obsessed with chocolate and anything sweet. He knows where the drawer of little chocolates are and will go whine in the corner, what seems like all day.

He is completely addicted to his blankets. We have 6 of these bamboo blankets and we now only give him two at a time because if we have more than that out he will walk around with all of them. He is a blanket lover, both of my kids!

He gives the sweetest hugs, he leans in with his head thinking that is the hug, he is still getting the arm part down.

He is struggling in the speech department, he has really regressed. Words he used to say often he won’t say even if we ask him to say it. He never really uses the word mom or dad either. He does however say “thank you” and pretty clear. It’s super cute. I feel like he has it in him but it just isn’t clicking. I contacted speech intervention and hope that with a little boost he will start talking more and more.

He loves music and dancing. And boy does he have the cutest dance of all time. He loves to wiggle, jump and squat. It is so so cute!!

He is fascinated with finding belly buttons and thinks it is the funniest thing to stick his little finger in, hide it with the shirt and then lift and find again.

He loves to get his hands into everything he isn’t suppose to. This is so new to me, Addy never got into anything. You can’t turn your back for a minute without being worried he is into something naughty. He is just now hiding in the corner when he knows he is doing something he shouldn’t. He also gets into toilets and thinks the toilet water is pretty entertaining. He loves to eat markers, play-doh, stamps, pretty much all of Addy’s crafts which are horrible for him.

He loves to do knuckles! He sits with his hand in a fist just waiting for you to react and blow up the knuckles.

He still signs a bit and will sign more and more all day.

He loves to swing in any shape or form. Blanket swing is probably is absolute favorite. He struggles big time when it stops and Addy takes a turn. A few months back he would not let Addy have a turn so I said let’s run him to the downstairs living room run back and swing Addy as long as possible before he runs up. Well it totally backfired, he started climbing up the stairs saw us swinging Addy and completely lost it and deiced to throw himself backwards down 3 wooden stairs. He definitely put us in our place. He is now getting slightly better at not running into the swinging blanket but still screaming until it is his turn.


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