Harrison: 11 months

We are loooong overdue for an update, boy has this little guy changed. He is already 11 months. Some fun facts about our little Harris man:

After falling down the stairs a few times, he has mastered crawling up and is pretty good at going down. We have extra wide stairways and getting gates would cost us a ton. So we have spent a lot of time hanging out on the stairs watching and teaching him. We’ve also found some great things around the house to block the stairs, like our bench from our room, the play kitchen etc. He is so proud of himself and every time he gets to the top he claps for himself. He is such a proud little boy.

He is becoming a picky eater, which is so frustrating. I have tried so hard to not make this boy picky. Picky eaters are the worst. We offer him pretty much everything we eat. He does like my green smoothies, he doesn’t like really tart fruit, he prefers pretty bland foods. He loves chewing on hard breads and pretzels (must be the salt like his daddy) but he absolutely LOVES chocolate. He does anything to get his hands on chocolate. 

He got his first two teeth, finally! I was getting worried there for a minute. He still hasn’t grasped the whole chewing concept, hopefully once that happens he will start liking a variety of foods.

He loves to hold his hand out/point to what he wants/where he wants to go. It’s the cutest thing ever!

He is a bit of a whiner, he kinda whines all.the.time! It’s definitely frustrating at times. He seriously whines more with me however, he will be perfectly fine until I walk in the room, then it begins. 

He loves to be around his sister and wants everything and anything that she has. His sister absolutely loves him and loves to give huge hugs but doesn’t like to share her toys. She is really rough with him. Even with the constant, “be soft” she is still really really rough with him. She will pull him down, push him, grab his legs so he can’t crawl, hug him around his neck…you name it. It’s definitely a battle but soon he is going to be bigger and will be able to fight back (Addy doesn’t know what’s coming).

He is a pretty good sleeper. He still wakes up one time per night, but sometimes more and sometimes not at all. If he does wake up he drinks a bottle in 10 minutes and falls right back to sleep. He definitely loves his sleep. He is a tummy sleeper and will roll right to his stomach and snuggle his blankets. He really loves his soft bamboo blankets!

Aside the fact that he is whiny, he really is a happy boy! He loves attention and he loves people! He is a little charmer, he stares at people to give him attention and then gives the biggest smiles and laughs in return. He definitely has a happy personality!

He still has bad eczema, it goes from practically gone to red and bleeding within days. We can’t get a grip on it so we will be visiting a dermatologist this week to hopefully get a better cream or at least some answers. Until then, we continue to put aquaphor, vanicream and hydrocortizone.

He absolutely loves the swing, he just laughs and laughs. We are having an exceptionally warm winter and have been able to visit the park and swing.

He started crawling right before Christmas, so just after 10 months. He did this funny crawl with his right leg, practically walking and the other leg crawling. He occasionally does it now and it’s quite comical. He is walking around with his walker, walking with our hands and along furniture. He pulls himself up on everything. He has only stood on his own a few times, so I am sure walking is still a ways out.

He is definitely a boy and into everything. I constantly compare boys vs. girls and this boy thing is so new but so fun at the same time.

He still has a love for baths. When he hears the water starting he gets so excited. He splashes like crazy, and has the time of his life for those 20 minutes, then he is done and just wants to stand out of the tub. I should probably bathe him more often than I do because he loves it that much.

He loves to sneak into the bathroom, when he hears the door open he quickly crawls to try to get in. He does this when we open the down stairs and pantry door too.

He is such a fun little boy to have in our family. He gives the best smiles and they are always the same expressions, he has the biggest eyes.  He has the cutest golf ball sized cheeks that I just kiss all day. He is relatively happy when he gets his way, pretty chill and into everything. We love him and can’t believe we are nearing the 1 year mark already! We love you Harrison!


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