Harrison: 1 year

What just happened?! My little guy is 1! I seriously can’t believe how fast this year went, it has flown by. I don’t feel like I got to enjoy all the stages as much as I did with Addy.

Stats: He is 20 lbs. in the 21% percentile, his head is a little on the big side and he is a little short on in the 8%.

He is a pretty good eater, I am still determined to make him a better eater than Addy, thus far we are doing pretty good. He still loves the baby food pouches, loves ham (every time he takes a bite, he says mmmm and will wiggle a little), chocolate, blueberries/blackberries, graham crackers, and toast to name a few. He loves to make huge messes with his food and especially loves to throw pretty much everything on the floor.

He is a little destroyer. I am sure this is normal characteristics of a boy but man it is taking some getting used to. He is into everything and everything turns into huge huge messes. He is like a cyclone and goes through rooms and toys like crazy! He is hard to keep up with. This past week he got into an expensive bottle of lotion, his mouth, hands and the floor was covered in it. I learned my lesson that a quiet child is most likely getting into something he shouldn’t. I was seriously spoiled by Addy who didn’t get into anything. I didn’t have to put cabinet locks, toilet seat locks, however with Harrison I will need to all the above!

He stands up on pretty much everything and anything and walks along furniture and walls. He recently started standing from a crawl but it only lasts a few seconds before he is down again. He will pull himself away from the wall and hold a pretty good stand as well.

He really is a great sleeper. He falls asleep on his own and when he’s truly tired he will go down without a fuss. He is still waking up in the middle of the night but we will soon be cutting him off of his bottle and hopefully that is a smooth transition. Sadly, he seems to be transitioning from two naps already. Sometimes his morning naps are 20 mins. He takes really good long afternoon naps so I am totally ok with that.

He is a happy little guy and a whiny little guy all at the same time. He gives the best smiles and just loves people. The whining is hard at times though but it’s usually when he isn’t feeling well.

He loves his mom and loves to be held a lot and doesn’t like it when I leave his site. I shouldn’t complain, I am getting some buff arms because of it, right?!

He has a sister who loves him and hates him. She loves to give him the biggest hugs (that he doesn’t always love to receive) and tries to be his mom (telling him to stop doing things, telling him to stop whining, etc). However, she hates that he come and destroys her toys or gets into what she is doing.

He absolutely hates getting his diaper changed, it’s seriously ridiculous how much he fights when we try to change him. The second you lay him down he is screaming, whaling and rolling to the side trying to escape. It’s just easier if he is standing and to change him that way. He doesn’t love to be dressed either.

He’s been getting constipated lately and it’s the saddest thing ever. I don’t know how to control it, I guess I just have gassy constipated children.

He loves to pull hair! It is seriously so bad and it hurts!! He has been pulling Addy’s hair and she is not a fan either. He is also a hitter. He loves to hit and thinks it is so funny. I try to say, “We don’t hit” but this just entices him more, he proceeds to do it and laughs at the same time. Crazy little hooligan.

He is such a fun boy! He loves playing with cars, blocks, and anything he can throw. He is our little ham. Happy, wild, destructive and loving all at the same time!

I still can’t believe it’s been a year but I can’t imagine our little family without this little man. We love him with all his crazy shenanigans to the moon and back. Happy Birthday Harrison, we love you!!


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