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Harrison:18 months

It has been a really long time since I have done an update on sweet little Harrison! He is officially 18 months. I just can’t believe how quick this past year and a half have gone, it just doesn’t seem right!

He is officially ready for nursery now. We have been going sporadically and I think he is going to be immensely better than Addy. We went this last week and he did awesome. We didn’t have to go in once. Score for us!

He is still a pretty good eater, but can also be pretty picky and especially picky when it comes to healthy foods. My kids have an knack for that!

It would be an understatement to say that he LOVES to go outside. He seriously gets so excited when we open the door or say we are going outside, this kids lives for the outdoors! He especially loves being pushed in the swing, but seriously who wouldn’t?!, but really really loves the sandbox. He could play in the sand for hours, of course he eats a ton of sand and it always ends up piled in his hair but he is perfectly content with a shovel and sand! He also loves to run straight for the road or down the street if we are in the front yard which is completely scary to me. This kid acts like he just doesn’t care or just knows how to make his mama super nervous and frustrated all at the same time.

Again, he is a runner. He runs away from me constantly. He hates to be restrained and will not sit in a shopping cart. He wants to wonder at his own free will and will try to make it to the exit if he can. He has at the library and made it outside, the little stinker! He think it is the best to be chased, probably because we tease and constantly chase him around the house at home, so why wouldn’t we in the middle of Old Navy? But the second Addy starts to be my little helper and will “go get him” it just turns into a huge game and he is running full force, it isn’t always fun and games.

He used to be our “happy go lucky” little boy but these days he is sure hard. He whines all day and has no communication whatsoever, he pretty much just points and whines at everything that he wants. He does say maybe 5 words but his vocabulary has gone down and I am pretty worried about it. He does say Thank You, which seems huge to me, but he still isn’t very vocal and I feel like that is why we struggle so much.

He is so into cars, trucks, dinosaurs….you name it! He just loves them and is such a boy! He loves to see the cars fly down the floor and even better when they crash.

He sure loves his little sister. He looks for her when she is gone and loves to see her when he wakes up. He also loves playing with all her toys, especially the princesses that he can pull all the bodies out of the dresses, it is sure a fun game to him. They play fairly well together but Addy is definitely learning how to cope with him more and more.

One of my favorite things is how he giggles whenever I rub his back. He likes it for a few seconds and then thinks it is so ticklish and will giggle and think it is a game.

He loves to shake his head no to everything we ask. Sometimes he will pause, acting like he knows the right answer, but will still shake his head. We love to ask him questions to see him shake his little head.

He is obsessed with chocolate and anything sweet. He knows where the drawer of little chocolates are and will go whine in the corner, what seems like all day.

He is completely addicted to his blankets. We have 6 of these bamboo blankets and we now only give him two at a time because if we have more than that out he will walk around with all of them. He is a blanket lover, both of my kids!

He gives the sweetest hugs, he leans in with his head thinking that is the hug, he is still getting the arm part down.

He is struggling in the speech department, he has really regressed. Words he used to say often he won’t say even if we ask him to say it. He never really uses the word mom or dad either. He does however say “thank you” and pretty clear. It’s super cute. I feel like he has it in him but it just isn’t clicking. I contacted speech intervention and hope that with a little boost he will start talking more and more.

He loves music and dancing. And boy does he have the cutest dance of all time. He loves to wiggle, jump and squat. It is so so cute!!

He is fascinated with finding belly buttons and thinks it is the funniest thing to stick his little finger in, hide it with the shirt and then lift and find again.

He loves to get his hands into everything he isn’t suppose to. This is so new to me, Addy never got into anything. You can’t turn your back for a minute without being worried he is into something naughty. He is just now hiding in the corner when he knows he is doing something he shouldn’t. He also gets into toilets and thinks the toilet water is pretty entertaining. He loves to eat markers, play-doh, stamps, pretty much all of Addy’s crafts which are horrible for him.

He loves to do knuckles! He sits with his hand in a fist just waiting for you to react and blow up the knuckles.

He still signs a bit and will sign more and more all day.

He loves to swing in any shape or form. Blanket swing is probably is absolute favorite. He struggles big time when it stops and Addy takes a turn. A few months back he would not let Addy have a turn so I said let’s run him to the downstairs living room run back and swing Addy as long as possible before he runs up. Well it totally backfired, he started climbing up the stairs saw us swinging Addy and completely lost it and deiced to throw himself backwards down 3 wooden stairs. He definitely put us in our place. He is now getting slightly better at not running into the swinging blanket but still screaming until it is his turn.


Pumpkin Patch: 2015

Our 3rd year going to our favorite pumpkin patch at Mabey Farms. We had to continue the tradition with our good friends the Gents. We love spending time with great company. We even got a tractor ride, courtesy of Justin Mabey around their fields. We had a great time. Addy got hit with some allergies, so she was not quite herself. Harrison loved exploring and being on his own, throwing dirt and sometimes pumpkins. He did have a little fall and got a big scratch from the pumpkin vines on his cheek but all and all we had a great time, as always!


Announcing Baby #2


We are thrilled to announce we are expecting baby #2 due March 16! And it’s a BOY!! We are still in shock over here, we were definitely thinking we were having a girl! But we couldn’t be more excited! We have a lot to learn with a little boy! It is the perfect time of the year and we couldn’t be more excited about the timing! We’ve always wanted a March baby!

Before we knew what we were having we were thrilled to have either gender! Our reasons: If it’s a girl we have a TON of girl clothes and that will make life a little easier and cheaper. Plus her and Addy would be just over 2 years apart and I assume will be best buds! But we also think it would be fun to have a boy, we are due right in the midst of March madness and if we have a boy, and he’s anything like Matt and loves basketball, it would be such a fun experience to have him celebrate it during that season! I know, totally silly!

This pregnancy has been really similar to mine with Addy’s. With both I was nauseous but never threw up and extremely tired. I think it was harder this time around because I couldn’t just lay down, relax and sleep whenever I wanted. I still feel nauseous here and there even though I am  past that “sick” time. During the first trimester I have had the same aversions to foods as I did with Addy, sugary candy (which if you know me, that is just crazy) and meats. I have loved fruit and craved it just like with Addy. I had a hard time being productive; cooking, cleaning , laundry you name it has been neglected but that all changed once the glorious 2nd trimester began!

At around 16 weeks, I hadn’t started showing quite yet, I was just feeling a little chubby at that point. I started feeling the little bean around 16 weeks and just like the heart rate checks and first ultrasound I can already tell we have a wiggly baby on our hands!  Thus far it’s been a great pregnancy. Everything seems to be perfect. The first ultrasound at  9 weeks the little bean was moving around like crazy and my midwife said that wasn’t usually the case. At my 13 & 17 week appointment we easily found the heart beat and it was at a good strong pace! We haven’t been spreading the news quite like we did with Addy, I guess with round two we are a bit more casual about it this time around. We are still super excited and looking forward to meeting this little guy in 5 months!

Our ultrasound appointment went well, even with Addy yelling that she wanted her mommy the entire time. The little guy is sitting really low, no wonder I feel like I have to pee 24/7, this was just like Addy. I guess my bladder is very comfy. We weren’t sure we would be able to find out the gender since he was all tucked, again just like Addy was. But with a few jiggles we got him to move. He had one of his hand up by his head, kinda in a thinking position, which was super cute. We even saw him moving his jaw. Everything measured right on and everything is looking great! 

I am loving my midwife, I can’t tell you how nice it is to have a doctor that is kind and cares so much about you. I had the worst experience with Addy in Texas. I will be delivering at the new Lone Peak Hospital which is honestly in walking distance from my house….just 1.2 miles away (says google maps).

Addy surely doesn’t realize what is going to hit her. When we ask her “What’s in mommy’s belly?” She always points and replies “a baby” but she is in for a rude awakening! She still gets upset if I hold another baby or toddler and hates if I interact with other kids her age over her. She definitely has been spoiled being the only child. But the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. I was exactly the same way…I was 4 when my little sister was born but as soon as she came around; I wanted to be held all the time and I even tried to suffocate her (eek). We will be keeping a close eye on Addy!

Smith’s Life Update

A few Friday’s ago I had a playgroup with some close friends and their kiddos. It was so much fun. I was a little worried some of the older kids would have a hard time being entertained but they had a great time. It was a little crazy and chaotic with all the mom’s and kids but it was so fun and I can’t wait to do it again.

My dear friend Cami from Texas came to visit. She was literally only here a few days but made time to come see Addy and I. We went on a walk early in the morning, it was pretty cold but it was great to catch up with her and actually walk with a friend. It seriously made my day but made me miss her and so much about Texas. We can’t wait to go visit her in a few months!

My dad LOVES anything to do with car racing. When I was little our Sundays involved dad was watching Nascar. My dad would lay on the couch, literally sleeping eyes closed and everything, watching nascar. It drove us crazy, he wasn’t even watching it and the sound of the car racing by drove me crazy. I didn’t understand why anyone would want to watch that sport, if you’d call it a sport. I don’t know which is worse, golf or nascar?! Well, my dad’s love for car racing led us to the race park out in Tooele a few weeks ago to ride go-karts. I was so excited, I love go-kart racing. My dad always took us when we were little but this was a legit course. We got there a little early to watch the competition teams go, these weren’t adults, they were literally young kids, maybe 11 and I was seriously shocked at the speed and the intensity of the race. We asked how fast they were going, they said probably close to 90, we were going 3x slower than that! My dad definitely kicked all of our butts but it was so fun. The first few times around I was a bit hesitant but then realized this go-kart can’t roll and I got a little more risky. Not nearly as risky as my dad, Danny or Matt but risky enough. Even though Danny swears I ran another guy off the road and almost hit them, I don’t recall. Maybe I was just in the zone…I know I can be a pretty crazy driver! We were hoping to go a few times but the lines were so long. We will definitely be going again once the winter pasts.

We love conference weekend and love that we are close and able to spend the time with family again. We always go to dinner with Matt’s family, usually to sizzler (I know what you’re thinking but it’s really not that bad, I love the salad bar) but this time we went to Olive Garden. Even though they aren’t my favorite it’s fun to spend time with all our nieces and nephews. On Sunday morning we always go to Steve and Laura’s for cinnamon french toast and pepper bacon. We love our traditions. Addy loves spending time with all her cousins.

My mom, sisters and I love shopping. If you know us well you know that we love good deals and we’re always up for shopping. My mom took my little sister and I up to Park City to get some Christmas shopping done and we had such a great time. The weather was perfect and I went crazy finding so many cute outfits for Christmas, I can’t wait!

It’s starting to really feel like fall, the weather is cooler, fall leaves are everywhere and the thought of holidays are fresh in my mind! We are looking forward to the upcoming holidays and spending time with the family. We have a busy few months ahead. Addy is turning ONE in just a few weeks, my sister is having TWINS and I am throwing a baby shower for her and we have lots of holiday parties and family gatherings. I can’t wait! This is seriously my favorite time of year!


Family Pictures

Can I just say I am so in love with these pictures!! Everything was perfect, the settings were exceptionally gorgeous and I can’t even decide what picture to choose. I randomly found this photographer and luckily for us she had an amazing deal for a family session. I knew I wanted the fall foliage setting so we had to get these done quick due to the mountains already changing. We drove up Provo Canyon to Sundance. It was maybe my second time up Provo canyon and I must say it is gorgeous (I’ve missed out). Addy was perfect, she is a little shy around strangers and as you know very serious but we got some good smiles out of her. We seriously couldn’t be more happier with the outcome!  This is just a few, she literally took 300+ pictures…the 7th one is particularly funny…poor Addy! 

If you need photography done contact Madelyn Wayment Photography, seriously she’s great!


House Pictures

Ok, so it’s not that exciting but here are some pictures of each room of our house!

We’re already SO in love with everything, especially the house, but the neighborhood, location…it’s perfect!

Some of the perks:

We don’t have to share walls with anyone, ever again! 

We’re seriously 2 minutes away from Costco (we LOVE costco)…and lots of other great stores. 

The park is 4 houses away.

The neighborhood is so well kept and so gorgeous and the neighborhood is so friendly and filled with tons of kids (seriously our first thought was…oh no we’re going to need a lot of Halloween candy!)

We have so much space and storage. I actually have a closet big enough for all my clothes and shoes (with spare room)! That’s unbelievable.

We can’t believe we are here and look forward to making our house our home and getting to know more of our neighbors.

I keep thinking we are living a fairy tale, like we are house sitting and this dream will all change, but reality is…we have our very own house and we are so in love with it.

It’s been fun buying new furniture, drapes, wall accessories and so much more. I will take pictures of before and after and post more pictures. It is going to take some time (and lots of money) to get each room complete. It’s definitely a work in progress but I’m loving every minute of it. I finally found a kitchen table and love it! We just got a new couch and it should be here Friday. We have ordered a new bookshelf and we start painting Addy’s room this week.  Everything is coming along great. Now it’s just keeping up on all the fun projects!

And now the pictures…I didn’t get all the rooms, like Matt’s very messy office or some bathrooms, laundry area or basement…those are just boring.  



11 Months

Addy is 11 months old! She is definitely not my tiny baby anymore. She is changing so much and I seriously look at her everyday and can’t believe how much she changes from day to day.

She is definitely getting more of an attitude. She will shake her head no when she doesn’t like what I am doing or if I try to feed her something she doesn’t like. It’s quite comical but sometimes I wonder if she is a little me.

Addy has the cutest and funniest cheesy smile. It seriously makes me laugh when she pulls her cheesy smile. I keep trying to get a good picture of it but it’s hard to catch. She is becoming such a joker and does this face at the perfect funny times. 

She got her first ear infection this past month. We knew something was wrong when she’d have a complete meltdown when we put her to bed and she was waking up numerous times per night. On top of that she was fussy during the day. She never had a fever but after searching the trusty web I realized she had other symptoms. After much contemplation we decided to go to urgent care at 9:00pm on a Friday night and pay the absurd copay amount. We were hopeful it was an accurate assumption and it was…an ear infection in one ear. We quickly got her on medication and we were happy hearts a few days later.

I started noticing this a while ago but a funny thing with Addy is that she refuses to be handed toys. She likes to see what the toys can do but then she wants to pick them up herself.

She loves to pinch and attack our face. It’s funny but she can be brutal, especially when I haven’t clipped her nails. She can leave some marks.

She is now feeding herself her bottle, we just lay her down, slightly propped up at she holds the bottle. Just seeing her do this the first time made me slightly sad, she is growing up too fast!

Another thing that has been ongoing but I realized I hadn’t talked about it was that Addy is not a cuddler. It makes me sad she won’t cuddle. She will push away the second you try to hug her tight. Even when she is hurt she doesn’t really cuddle. I am hopeful she will change when she’s older and be my little cuddle bug.

I have started teaching her sign language she knows “more” and “water.” At church she was sitting on the floor, I left a few graham crackers on the floor for her to eat and between each bite she would sign more and grab a cracker. It was so cute. However, when we want her to sign she is a little stinker and just smiles at us. She rarely will sign when we ask. However, we are working on it and hope she learns more and can communicate better with us. I just got a new sign language book and love it!

She is finally in her crib again. Yay! We are so thrilled to have our bedroom back. She has been sleeping really well in her crib. However, her legs have been caught a few times between the slats. It was fairly comical but we have now purchased a new breathable crib bumper and Addy is now safe in her crib.

Addy loves books! And that is nearly an understatement. She goes wild when we say it’s time to read books. Her two favorite books are: Are You My Mommy and Quack and Widdle Count…she literally goes crazy when we pull out those books. We always have a book handy. She will read her animal book and flip the pages making different noises. It is so cute!

Addy used to always stand, then she got a little lazy and when we try to make her stand her legs would immediately go into the sitting position or straight out. So we decided to invest in a new walker car. She really enjoys it. She still isn’t crawling but she scoots and gets around. In her walker she walks backwards but loves playing with the little piano.

We love our little Addy bug and can’t believe she is 11 months old! Time is flying by way too quick. She literally changes every few days she is learning more, developing more, becoming more independent and so much more! We love her to pieces and we love every minute we get to spend with her. She is such a happy little girl and an amazing daughter. We couldn’t ask for a better little girl to be part of our family.

A Smith’s Life Random Update

Since we have moved to Utah Addy has been sick 3 times! She never got sick in Texas…is that a sign?! She has had two colds, thrush and now has a rash. Not good!

Matt bought a smoker, now we’re true Texans! He has smoked a few briskets and a pork thus far. The pork was great! His first brisket needed a few more hours but had potential, the last two he has definitely improved and they are so so good. He’s almost to Rudy’s level (Matt says not even close!) He is so excited to learn how to smoke more and try new recipes. He keeps saying he wants to try a “fatty” which is pretty much anything wrapped in bacon. Sounds like a clogged artery waiting to happen but he will keep insisting until he makes it! What do you think? Should I allow him to make this?

We have been to cafe rio since we have been home at least 6 times…which is a lot if you consider we’ve only been home 3 months! Haha, we love that place. However, I think Matt says on a weekly basis he misses Rudy’s. I miss Torchy’s and Chuy’s most. I know it’s sad I am talking about food but who doesn’t love some delicious food!

Demi and Danny bought Matt a groupon to a trampoline place for his birthday and we finally got to go. It was seriously so fun! My mom watched Addy while we went. We were free to act as kids again. We were literally the only adults jumping, but we didn’t mind. We loved having more fun than the parents (our age) watching on the sidelines. We had an entire hour to jump on endless trampolines. They also had a basketball hoop, dodge ball and a foam pit. Seriously, what could be more fun. We were exhausted after 15 mins. Jumping takes so much out of you. Demi and I knew someone was bound to get hurt, especially with Danny and Matt. Matt decided we would attempt a gainer off the ledge and failed, he landed on his head in the foam and hurt his back pretty bad. He was out the rest of the night. Poor guy. But that didn’t stop us, we had races around the trampolines, tag and we attempted old tricks from our past. I am proud to say I can still do a front and back flip. I was very hesitant at first but I prevailed. We definitely want to go back and try more trick. Thanks Danny and Demi! You’re the best!

We have been spending lots of time with family and friends and enjoying every minute of it. We love having a house and a big kitchen to host dinners. We couldn’t be happier right now and look forward to the cooler weather and the holidays to come.