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Harrison’s 1 Year Pictures

We went to fotofly yet again to get Harrison’s 1 year pictures. We had a pretty good session. He was so happy the first half and was loving the camera, giving us the cutest cheesiest grins. After about 20 minutes he was done and like the great parents we are we totally forgot to grab his milk. We still got a few good shots after that but definitely not as many as we could have. We also attempted the giant “1” balloon but that was a fail. We also tried to get a few with Addy but she too was being a stinker and they just weren’t turning out, but hey we tried. We are still really happy with outcome and glad we got them so we can cherish these memories of our sweet little guy!


Harrison’s First Birthday

On Sunday, March 8th, we celebrated Harrison’s first birthday! We kept Harrison’s first birthday to a small group, unlike Adelaide’s first birthday, we only had grandparents over for dinner and cake.

It was a gorgeous day and perfect for such an occasion. We had everyone come over at 4. I decided to attempt lasagna for the first time ever, because why wouldn’t  you prepare something you’ve never made before. Plus, what else do you make for a larger group. We made it the night before so all we had to do was warm it in the oven for an hour. I also made the cake the night prior. So prep the few hours after church was just little things and I wasn’t overwhelmed with tons to do.

The whole evening was perfect. We started with dinner, which also included a caesar salad, jalapeno popper dip (a staple and expected dish), potato salad and cheesy garlic bread. It was all very delicious. After dinner we opened gifts. Harrison was not into opening gifts and really could care less. He just wanted to play on the boxes, typical boy. Addy, however, practically opened all his gifts at record speed. He got some great gifts and a lot of well needed boy toys!

Finally, the moment we were all waiting for, the cake! I just knew he would be a good cake eater. He did not disappoint. He demolished the cake and loved every minute of it. He kept making noises and saying “Mmmmmm” over and over and shoving more and more cake into his mouth. It was so entertaining and so much fun. He was such a mess afterwards, as well as the floor.

It was so nice to have an small and intimate birthday party with just grandparents. He has loved all his gifts and we are slowly accumulating more and more cars and trucks into our toy collection.

I still can’t believe he is 1 years old. Time has seriously flown by this past year. It has had many up and downs. Fun times and lots of blurs. But I wouldn’t change it for the world. We love Harrison so much and we love his sweet personality and spirit he brings to our home. Happy Birthday Little Man!!

Harrison: 1 year

What just happened?! My little guy is 1! I seriously can’t believe how fast this year went, it has flown by. I don’t feel like I got to enjoy all the stages as much as I did with Addy.

Stats: He is 20 lbs. in the 21% percentile, his head is a little on the big side and he is a little short on in the 8%.

He is a pretty good eater, I am still determined to make him a better eater than Addy, thus far we are doing pretty good. He still loves the baby food pouches, loves ham (every time he takes a bite, he says mmmm and will wiggle a little), chocolate, blueberries/blackberries, graham crackers, and toast to name a few. He loves to make huge messes with his food and especially loves to throw pretty much everything on the floor.

He is a little destroyer. I am sure this is normal characteristics of a boy but man it is taking some getting used to. He is into everything and everything turns into huge huge messes. He is like a cyclone and goes through rooms and toys like crazy! He is hard to keep up with. This past week he got into an expensive bottle of lotion, his mouth, hands and the floor was covered in it. I learned my lesson that a quiet child is most likely getting into something he shouldn’t. I was seriously spoiled by Addy who didn’t get into anything. I didn’t have to put cabinet locks, toilet seat locks, however with Harrison I will need to all the above!

He stands up on pretty much everything and anything and walks along furniture and walls. He recently started standing from a crawl but it only lasts a few seconds before he is down again. He will pull himself away from the wall and hold a pretty good stand as well.

He really is a great sleeper. He falls asleep on his own and when he’s truly tired he will go down without a fuss. He is still waking up in the middle of the night but we will soon be cutting him off of his bottle and hopefully that is a smooth transition. Sadly, he seems to be transitioning from two naps already. Sometimes his morning naps are 20 mins. He takes really good long afternoon naps so I am totally ok with that.

He is a happy little guy and a whiny little guy all at the same time. He gives the best smiles and just loves people. The whining is hard at times though but it’s usually when he isn’t feeling well.

He loves his mom and loves to be held a lot and doesn’t like it when I leave his site. I shouldn’t complain, I am getting some buff arms because of it, right?!

He has a sister who loves him and hates him. She loves to give him the biggest hugs (that he doesn’t always love to receive) and tries to be his mom (telling him to stop doing things, telling him to stop whining, etc). However, she hates that he come and destroys her toys or gets into what she is doing.

He absolutely hates getting his diaper changed, it’s seriously ridiculous how much he fights when we try to change him. The second you lay him down he is screaming, whaling and rolling to the side trying to escape. It’s just easier if he is standing and to change him that way. He doesn’t love to be dressed either.

He’s been getting constipated lately and it’s the saddest thing ever. I don’t know how to control it, I guess I just have gassy constipated children.

He loves to pull hair! It is seriously so bad and it hurts!! He has been pulling Addy’s hair and she is not a fan either. He is also a hitter. He loves to hit and thinks it is so funny. I try to say, “We don’t hit” but this just entices him more, he proceeds to do it and laughs at the same time. Crazy little hooligan.

He is such a fun boy! He loves playing with cars, blocks, and anything he can throw. He is our little ham. Happy, wild, destructive and loving all at the same time!

I still can’t believe it’s been a year but I can’t imagine our little family without this little man. We love him with all his crazy shenanigans to the moon and back. Happy Birthday Harrison, we love you!!


Harrison’s Birth Story




Harrison Michael Smith

Born: Saturday, March 8th, 2014 at 2:49 pm

Weighed: 7lbs. 7oz. Height: 19.5″

He decided to make his appearance a little early, he arrived 8 days before his expected due date.

A few weeks before he was born I was already dilated to a 3 and 80% effaced. I went in for two more visits and wasn’t ever checked on my progress. I kept thinking I could have him early but at the same time never thought I would actually have him early. The Saturday morning he came, I woke up around 6:30, rolled over and thought; “Did I just pee my pants?” I got up and just figured it was me being crazy. I went downstairs and watched some TV, about 7:00 I went to the bathroom again and I was slightly bleeding. I woke up Matt and he told me to call the answering service and talk to the midwife on call. She called me back pretty quick. I let her know what was going on. She said it probably wasn’t my water breaking but she was going to round on patients in a few hours, if I could hold off she would meet me at the office, around 9:30, and she would just check me to see what was going on. I hurried and jumped into the shower so I could wash my hair just in case we were having him, but we both didn’t really think we would. As the morning progressed I kept having a small trickling feeling (like I was peeing my pants) and the thought of having this baby today was becoming more real. We still hadn’t packed up all our bags for me, Addy or Matt. We totally forgot to pack anything for Matt, live and learn. I couldn’t do much of anything that morning. We quickly gathered what we could and headed to my mom’s to drop off Addy. We had a few minutes to wait at my mom’s and Matt ran home to get a few things we forgot, good thing we live so close. As I was waiting I started getting a mild back pain every once in awhile. We hadn’t even installed the car seat, this is how un-prepared we were. We kept thinking we’d have another week and the weekend to finish up all our last minute to do’s.

We finally made it to the office, she confirmed that my water had indeed broke and I was probably dilated to a 5. She couldn’t verify exactly but she said she could see the top of his head and lots of dark hair! So at that point she gave us the option of going home and waiting or being admitted and we could get things rolling to have him within a few hours. Since my previous labor was quick she didn’t think us going home was a great idea, she thought I would probably end up having him at home, in the car or in the hospital parking lot going over the bumps. So we called my mom and said we weren’t coming home and we were having this baby today. I also had to call my sisters because we were suppose to get pedicures that afternoon. I was a little shocked and definitely feeling like we weren’t quite ready, I was really hoping to have that last weekend to get things done. Oh well, he wanted to make his appearance early and that was that!

I don’t have contractions so once I was admitted I was put on pitocin to speed things up. I got an epidural right away, at that point I was having some mild cramps and a back ache (my versions of contractions). It was rather strange to get an epidural without relatively any pain. It was definitely a better epidural experience this time around than with Addy (with Addy I had to get poked 3 times!!!) I started dilating faster but they realized he wasn’t positioned correctly so they slowed down the pitocin/dilation and I had to lay all funky with a giant peanut shaped yoga ball between my legs to get him to move. As soon as he moved we were practically ready to start pushing. Oh and did I mention that it was early afternoon and I hadn’t eaten since 6:30 and I had half of a Costco muffin (or should I say cake) and Matt was chowing down on a burger and fries. I was a little jealous. But the lime flavored ice chips were pretty tasty! I will admit I told him to eat it in the room instead of the cafeteria because I was afraid he’d miss the birth if he didn’t. He’d already missed me getting my IV in and I absolutely hate getting any sort of shot or poke.

It was time to push and the second I started my first push the nurse called the nursery down because they thought he was going to come that quick. Sadly, it didn’t happen that fast. He kept moving his head to the side and moving his hand up by his chin making it difficult to push him out. They re-positioned him and I pushed about 5 more sets and he was here, it was about 25-30 mins. The epidural didn’t work wonders and I could feel quite a bit (just like Addy), I had the nurse pushing the button for me. The nurses were awesome and they held my legs like champs! I had about 8 people in the room, all hospital staff and Matt and I. It was quite the birthday party!

It was a pretty smooth and quick delivery. Matt got to see a lot more than he ever wanted, but he survived. I had minimal tearing and it was a good experience with the midwife and hospital. I absolutely loved my midwife, she was perfect for us and I am so glad I had such a good experience with her. I had to switch providers at the beginning of the year and was a little hesitant but I absolutely loved all the midwives but especially loved the one that delivered Harrison.

He looks just like Addy but with lots of dark hair! That was probably the first two things both Matt and I said. Once everything was done, we had to stay in the delivery room for quite awhile as they prepared our recovery room, which was weird because there was pretty much no one in the hospital, but whatever. We had lots of visitors over the next 24 hours. Addy came to visit and she did so well. She picked out a dinosaur stuffed animal for Harrison and she got to open her present from brother as well. She was loving spending her day with yia-yia and wasn’t sad to leave and loved seeing baby brother.

Saturday day and night we had great nurses and was well taken care of. Sunday was a different story. The nurses didn’t come around often and every time I would call the front to ask a question they acted very put out and I rarely got answers and when I asked for medicine it would take them over an hour to get it to me. It was a bit frustrating but at the same time we really didn’t need help and we were hoping to leave Sunday anyway. My midwife checked in and went over everything. All we had to do was wait to hear from the pediatrician on call and get his circumcision. The pediatrician was the strangest guy we ever met. He walked in and immediately asked why we wanted to circumcise him, Matt and I had already discussed it and we found it odd the way he asked. He was very young and in a nice way different. After some awkward conversation he took Harrison away. When he came back with him he rolled him into the room and the bassinet ran into the bed. It was a little frustrating. But an hour or so after that we were able to head home. It was strange that we had such lack of service because literally as we walked out there was nobody around us. They didn’t wheelchair me out and they didn’t check the car seat to make sure Harrison was in properly. It definitely through me off a bit because they were pretty strict about this when I had Addy.

The first week and a half have been pretty good. Addy has been the best big sister! She loves him and is very interested in him. She shares her food and toys with him, loves giving him hugs and kisses and is always concerned when he is crying. We are trying to stick with routine and she hasn’t seemed to be bothered by him here at all. She even wakes up and asks where he is. We hope this continues in the months to come.

I got a yeast infection 5 days after his birth and it was extremely painful. On top of it my milk came in and came in with a massive amount. That led to engorgement and with the combination of the infection I was having some rough times. I had a few meltdowns because the pain was so bad. I thought I was getting better and everything would seem normal but then the pain would come back fast and painful. It finally got under control and things are feeling normal again. Now it’s just the lack of sleep to deal with.

Harrison is such a good baby thus far. He is so alert and constantly has his opens, even at the hospital. He is so strong, he tries to hold his head up and he is already rolling over to his side. We definitely won’t  be leaving him on the couch like we did with Addy for months on end. He is great nurser, he got the hang of it pretty quick and it didn’t take too long for my body to accept nursing again and get past the initial pain. He is a snuggler though and loves to be held, rocked, swaddled…you name it. This is how Addy was, it was difficult at times. He is also super gassy and struggles in that department. Otherwise he is  a very calm and a good baby thus far. He does have some lungs on him and the minute he’s hungry he let’s us know. He is pretty good at sleeping and is improving and going longer every night. Matt and I take turns sleeping on the couch with him in a bassinet. We are hoping he gets better in the next few weeks!

We are so in love with him! We are biased and think he is quite handsome. We can’t stop saying how crazy it was he came early and he is almost two weeks old! We are a family of four and though things have drastically changed we are loving every minute of it. We love him in our home and he fits right in. He is so cute and we can’t imagine our lives without him now.

Texas Getaway!

Addy and I just got home from Texas Tuesday and we are already missing a lot about it: All our great friends, the warm weather and of course the food! But we were ready to be back to Utah to see Matt and be in our own space.

Addy did so well on all the flights to and from! I was scared and definitely over-prepared for the flights but I knew had I not been it wouldn’t have gone so well. She pretty much slept the majority of the flights, lucky me! She LOVES the i-pad and played with that and books and her new baby when she wasn’t sleeping. Everyone around me always commented on how good of a baby she was. On our flight from Austin to Phoenix, it wasn’t a full flight. I was so excited we would get the whole row to ourselves but this cute old couple from Kyle, TX wanted to sit by us because of Addy (that was a first). They were so cute.

Both ways we had a two hour layover is Phoenix. I was worried because it makes for a much longer day but I pretty much wore Addy out both layovers. She would walk the stroller everywhere, throw the ball and laugh so hard, stare out the window at the planes landing. It was fun, I think that is a good reason why she slept all the flights!

When we landed in Austin I had to transport: Addy in the stroller, diaper bag, toy bag, car seat and luggage. Yes, I definitely didn’t travel light. When I went to get our car rental they tried (like always) to get to to pay a little extra for a mid-size vehicle. I always oppose because when they say that usually means they are out of cars and I’ll get it anyway. Well the lady said she had a mazda 2, I figured it was a car comparable to a ford focus or something. Boy was I wrong, it was tiny. Addy’s car seat wouldn’t fit in it plus I was worried at how tiny it really was. I found someone to talk to them and they said my other option was a VW bug. Hello, same thing! I was so annoyed and ended up paying the extra fee to get a bigger car that I was much happier and more comfortable with!

We had the best hosts! We stayed with Cami and Juan and they were so nice, so accommodating and generous! I couldn’t ask for better friends. Cami made us dinner the first night we were there and it was delicious! (If you are reading this, I NEED the recipe.) Stephanie, Cam and Andy were there as well. It was so nice to see everyone. I didn’t feel like I was visiting, I felt like I still lived there. I felt this way the WHOLE time I was there. I definitely miss it so much. Not just the people but the atmosphere, the culture, everything!

We seriously had such a great time though. Everyone asked what I wanted to do, see etc. I seriously just wanted to get away from Utah to see my friends and relax…call me crazy! 

On Thursday: We went to a friends little girl’s birthday party. It was so nice to catch up and see old friends.  We went for a little stroll around the complex and visited with a few friends. Later that night we went to olive garden for girl’s night. After a few of us saw the movie Safe Haven.  

Friday: Friday morning a few of us went for a walk around the normal 3 mile loop. It was just like old times. After we got pita fusion for lunch but I forgot to ask for extra mean green so it was just ok, I knew I had to go back before I left. That afternoon Cami, Jaymie and I literally sat on the couch for hours talking. We didn’t end up showering until like 4 o’clock. That night we all met up at Torchy’s tacos. The best tacos! It was a little awkward, not gonna lie so I scooted out with Addy. Later that night we played games and everything was better.

Saturday: Cami, Jaymie and I all went to San Marcos outlets without kids! We left all the kiddos at home with Juan for SIX hours! I felt so bad and I never anticipated it being that long. Juan is convinced that Addy is scared of anyone that is of color. (I begged to differ, but I think it might be true. That’s what you get living in Utah, right?!) Before we got on the road we HAD to stop at CVS and Ulta to look for the hip new chapstick, EOS. Seriously they are so cute and they are wonderful. You should definitely get the sweet mint, so good! Before we started our shopping extravaganza we had to eat, we couldn’t go anywhere that wasn’t Texas, we were going to be lame and go to a sandwich shop at the mall, but it was closed…so we went to the Burger and Boutique thing across the freeway from the mall. It was actually really good. The buns were the best part! Jaymie got fried green tomatoes (a first for me) and they were pretty good. Cami got fries and onion rings. They were also great. I would definitely go back! Our shopping trip was a huge success. I got a new bag from Kate Spade, just what I wanted, a few new pair of pants and some things for Addy. Cami and Jaymie were also successful. After such a crazy day we stayed in that night and got Chuy’s to go, seriously I need the creamy jalapeno recipe! Anyone?

Sunday: Church was bright and early…8 am! Addy and I chatted to lots of friends and made it into nursery. I thought our nursery was crazy, this was crazy! But Addy loved it. With church that early it makes the day seem really long. We got back from church and all took naps, went on a walk and had yummy roast for dinner. Later that night more friends stopped by and we had yummy cake and cookies!

Monday: Was my last day :( Stephanie and I were the only ones who were up for a walk and we did our usual. Once we got home I quickly got ready and headed to another friends, Alanna, house to hang out and catch up. It was fun to see her and her cute girls. It seriously felt like I saw her yesterday. That’s what great friends do! Addy got really grumpy so we cut our time short and headed back for a nap. Juan picked us up pitas and it was 10x better than Friday! Later that afternoon Jaymie and I ran up to the Round Rock outlets because I saw a coat at Banana that I really wanted but I couldn’t justify the cost. I thought maybe it was cheaper but it wasn’t. But Jaymie got some new basketball shoes so it was a successful trip. That afternoon I met my friend Allison for a walk to catch up. After we got back Addy and I went to the park for all abilities across the street until everyone was ready for dinner. Seriously, the coolest park but it was sooooo busy! I saw a few people from the ward, I chatted with the ladies while Addy was on the swing. The girls kept commenting on Addy’s cute expression but I didn’t snap a picture because my phone was literally dead! We went to Rudy’s that night and it was AMAZING. I love that place. Matt is getting pretty good at mastering his brisket but this is so yummy. I picked up Matt a pound to attempt to fly home. After Rudy’s we attempted to get Kawaii Ice but it was closed, even though it was 86 degrees that day. We hurried back to Cami’s because everyone was getting together to watch the Bachelorette (Yes, we all love it that much to get together). I snuck out for a bit to say goodbye to Allison and James. But all and all it was a fabulous night and I got to hang out wit lots of friends.

I seriously feel so at home in Texas, I don’t know what it is. I keep telling myself it gets really hot in the summer and practically unbearable but I still think about it often and miss it! It will definitely have a place in our hearts forever…and who knows maybe I will convince Matt to move back one day. I did keep joking to Matt to pack up and meet me but he did not find it comical whatsoever, I need a better tactic. Suggestions?!

We had the best time and it was just what I needed!! I got to spend so much time and see all my great friends and even met some new friends! Cami and Juan were the best hosts. We ate so much delicious food and now I need to stop dreaming about Round Rock donuts and loose a few pounds. I can’t wait to go back and see everyone! Hopefully sooner than later!

Addy was so funny. I kept talking about Daddy and I for sure thought she would be so excited to see him when we landed. She had no expression whatsoever. It was pretty funny. Matt got me flowers when I got into the car, so cute! It was so nice to be home, we missed Matt so much! His meat was a success…thanks to a recommendation to freeze it. I also surprised him with RR donut holes as well. He was thrilled, the donuts were practically gone that night.

It was a perfect getaway but back to reality we are…boo!