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Harrison:18 months

It has been a really long time since I have done an update on sweet little Harrison! He is officially 18 months. I just can’t believe how quick this past year and a half have gone, it just doesn’t seem right!

He is officially ready for nursery now. We have been going sporadically and I think he is going to be immensely better than Addy. We went this last week and he did awesome. We didn’t have to go in once. Score for us!

He is still a pretty good eater, but can also be pretty picky and especially picky when it comes to healthy foods. My kids have an knack for that!

It would be an understatement to say that he LOVES to go outside. He seriously gets so excited when we open the door or say we are going outside, this kids lives for the outdoors! He especially loves being pushed in the swing, but seriously who wouldn’t?!, but really really loves the sandbox. He could play in the sand for hours, of course he eats a ton of sand and it always ends up piled in his hair but he is perfectly content with a shovel and sand! He also loves to run straight for the road or down the street if we are in the front yard which is completely scary to me. This kid acts like he just doesn’t care or just knows how to make his mama super nervous and frustrated all at the same time.

Again, he is a runner. He runs away from me constantly. He hates to be restrained and will not sit in a shopping cart. He wants to wonder at his own free will and will try to make it to the exit if he can. He has at the library and made it outside, the little stinker! He think it is the best to be chased, probably because we tease and constantly chase him around the house at home, so why wouldn’t we in the middle of Old Navy? But the second Addy starts to be my little helper and will “go get him” it just turns into a huge game and he is running full force, it isn’t always fun and games.

He used to be our “happy go lucky” little boy but these days he is sure hard. He whines all day and has no communication whatsoever, he pretty much just points and whines at everything that he wants. He does say maybe 5 words but his vocabulary has gone down and I am pretty worried about it. He does say Thank You, which seems huge to me, but he still isn’t very vocal and I feel like that is why we struggle so much.

He is so into cars, trucks, dinosaurs….you name it! He just loves them and is such a boy! He loves to see the cars fly down the floor and even better when they crash.

He sure loves his little sister. He looks for her when she is gone and loves to see her when he wakes up. He also loves playing with all her toys, especially the princesses that he can pull all the bodies out of the dresses, it is sure a fun game to him. They play fairly well together but Addy is definitely learning how to cope with him more and more.

One of my favorite things is how he giggles whenever I rub his back. He likes it for a few seconds and then thinks it is so ticklish and will giggle and think it is a game.

He loves to shake his head no to everything we ask. Sometimes he will pause, acting like he knows the right answer, but will still shake his head. We love to ask him questions to see him shake his little head.

He is obsessed with chocolate and anything sweet. He knows where the drawer of little chocolates are and will go whine in the corner, what seems like all day.

He is completely addicted to his blankets. We have 6 of these bamboo blankets and we now only give him two at a time because if we have more than that out he will walk around with all of them. He is a blanket lover, both of my kids!

He gives the sweetest hugs, he leans in with his head thinking that is the hug, he is still getting the arm part down.

He is struggling in the speech department, he has really regressed. Words he used to say often he won’t say even if we ask him to say it. He never really uses the word mom or dad either. He does however say “thank you” and pretty clear. It’s super cute. I feel like he has it in him but it just isn’t clicking. I contacted speech intervention and hope that with a little boost he will start talking more and more.

He loves music and dancing. And boy does he have the cutest dance of all time. He loves to wiggle, jump and squat. It is so so cute!!

He is fascinated with finding belly buttons and thinks it is the funniest thing to stick his little finger in, hide it with the shirt and then lift and find again.

He loves to get his hands into everything he isn’t suppose to. This is so new to me, Addy never got into anything. You can’t turn your back for a minute without being worried he is into something naughty. He is just now hiding in the corner when he knows he is doing something he shouldn’t. He also gets into toilets and thinks the toilet water is pretty entertaining. He loves to eat markers, play-doh, stamps, pretty much all of Addy’s crafts which are horrible for him.

He loves to do knuckles! He sits with his hand in a fist just waiting for you to react and blow up the knuckles.

He still signs a bit and will sign more and more all day.

He loves to swing in any shape or form. Blanket swing is probably is absolute favorite. He struggles big time when it stops and Addy takes a turn. A few months back he would not let Addy have a turn so I said let’s run him to the downstairs living room run back and swing Addy as long as possible before he runs up. Well it totally backfired, he started climbing up the stairs saw us swinging Addy and completely lost it and deiced to throw himself backwards down 3 wooden stairs. He definitely put us in our place. He is now getting slightly better at not running into the swinging blanket but still screaming until it is his turn.


Pumpkin Patch: 2015

Our 3rd year going to our favorite pumpkin patch at Mabey Farms. We had to continue the tradition with our good friends the Gents. We love spending time with great company. We even got a tractor ride, courtesy of Justin Mabey around their fields. We had a great time. Addy got hit with some allergies, so she was not quite herself. Harrison loved exploring and being on his own, throwing dirt and sometimes pumpkins. He did have a little fall and got a big scratch from the pumpkin vines on his cheek but all and all we had a great time, as always!


Harrison’s 1 Year Pictures

We went to fotofly yet again to get Harrison’s 1 year pictures. We had a pretty good session. He was so happy the first half and was loving the camera, giving us the cutest cheesiest grins. After about 20 minutes he was done and like the great parents we are we totally forgot to grab his milk. We still got a few good shots after that but definitely not as many as we could have. We also attempted the giant “1” balloon but that was a fail. We also tried to get a few with Addy but she too was being a stinker and they just weren’t turning out, but hey we tried. We are still really happy with outcome and glad we got them so we can cherish these memories of our sweet little guy!


Harrison’s First Birthday

On Sunday, March 8th, we celebrated Harrison’s first birthday! We kept Harrison’s first birthday to a small group, unlike Adelaide’s first birthday, we only had grandparents over for dinner and cake.

It was a gorgeous day and perfect for such an occasion. We had everyone come over at 4. I decided to attempt lasagna for the first time ever, because why wouldn’t  you prepare something you’ve never made before. Plus, what else do you make for a larger group. We made it the night before so all we had to do was warm it in the oven for an hour. I also made the cake the night prior. So prep the few hours after church was just little things and I wasn’t overwhelmed with tons to do.

The whole evening was perfect. We started with dinner, which also included a caesar salad, jalapeno popper dip (a staple and expected dish), potato salad and cheesy garlic bread. It was all very delicious. After dinner we opened gifts. Harrison was not into opening gifts and really could care less. He just wanted to play on the boxes, typical boy. Addy, however, practically opened all his gifts at record speed. He got some great gifts and a lot of well needed boy toys!

Finally, the moment we were all waiting for, the cake! I just knew he would be a good cake eater. He did not disappoint. He demolished the cake and loved every minute of it. He kept making noises and saying “Mmmmmm” over and over and shoving more and more cake into his mouth. It was so entertaining and so much fun. He was such a mess afterwards, as well as the floor.

It was so nice to have an small and intimate birthday party with just grandparents. He has loved all his gifts and we are slowly accumulating more and more cars and trucks into our toy collection.

I still can’t believe he is 1 years old. Time has seriously flown by this past year. It has had many up and downs. Fun times and lots of blurs. But I wouldn’t change it for the world. We love Harrison so much and we love his sweet personality and spirit he brings to our home. Happy Birthday Little Man!!

Harrison: 1 year

What just happened?! My little guy is 1! I seriously can’t believe how fast this year went, it has flown by. I don’t feel like I got to enjoy all the stages as much as I did with Addy.

Stats: He is 20 lbs. in the 21% percentile, his head is a little on the big side and he is a little short on in the 8%.

He is a pretty good eater, I am still determined to make him a better eater than Addy, thus far we are doing pretty good. He still loves the baby food pouches, loves ham (every time he takes a bite, he says mmmm and will wiggle a little), chocolate, blueberries/blackberries, graham crackers, and toast to name a few. He loves to make huge messes with his food and especially loves to throw pretty much everything on the floor.

He is a little destroyer. I am sure this is normal characteristics of a boy but man it is taking some getting used to. He is into everything and everything turns into huge huge messes. He is like a cyclone and goes through rooms and toys like crazy! He is hard to keep up with. This past week he got into an expensive bottle of lotion, his mouth, hands and the floor was covered in it. I learned my lesson that a quiet child is most likely getting into something he shouldn’t. I was seriously spoiled by Addy who didn’t get into anything. I didn’t have to put cabinet locks, toilet seat locks, however with Harrison I will need to all the above!

He stands up on pretty much everything and anything and walks along furniture and walls. He recently started standing from a crawl but it only lasts a few seconds before he is down again. He will pull himself away from the wall and hold a pretty good stand as well.

He really is a great sleeper. He falls asleep on his own and when he’s truly tired he will go down without a fuss. He is still waking up in the middle of the night but we will soon be cutting him off of his bottle and hopefully that is a smooth transition. Sadly, he seems to be transitioning from two naps already. Sometimes his morning naps are 20 mins. He takes really good long afternoon naps so I am totally ok with that.

He is a happy little guy and a whiny little guy all at the same time. He gives the best smiles and just loves people. The whining is hard at times though but it’s usually when he isn’t feeling well.

He loves his mom and loves to be held a lot and doesn’t like it when I leave his site. I shouldn’t complain, I am getting some buff arms because of it, right?!

He has a sister who loves him and hates him. She loves to give him the biggest hugs (that he doesn’t always love to receive) and tries to be his mom (telling him to stop doing things, telling him to stop whining, etc). However, she hates that he come and destroys her toys or gets into what she is doing.

He absolutely hates getting his diaper changed, it’s seriously ridiculous how much he fights when we try to change him. The second you lay him down he is screaming, whaling and rolling to the side trying to escape. It’s just easier if he is standing and to change him that way. He doesn’t love to be dressed either.

He’s been getting constipated lately and it’s the saddest thing ever. I don’t know how to control it, I guess I just have gassy constipated children.

He loves to pull hair! It is seriously so bad and it hurts!! He has been pulling Addy’s hair and she is not a fan either. He is also a hitter. He loves to hit and thinks it is so funny. I try to say, “We don’t hit” but this just entices him more, he proceeds to do it and laughs at the same time. Crazy little hooligan.

He is such a fun boy! He loves playing with cars, blocks, and anything he can throw. He is our little ham. Happy, wild, destructive and loving all at the same time!

I still can’t believe it’s been a year but I can’t imagine our little family without this little man. We love him with all his crazy shenanigans to the moon and back. Happy Birthday Harrison, we love you!!


Harrison: 11 months

We are loooong overdue for an update, boy has this little guy changed. He is already 11 months. Some fun facts about our little Harris man:

After falling down the stairs a few times, he has mastered crawling up and is pretty good at going down. We have extra wide stairways and getting gates would cost us a ton. So we have spent a lot of time hanging out on the stairs watching and teaching him. We’ve also found some great things around the house to block the stairs, like our bench from our room, the play kitchen etc. He is so proud of himself and every time he gets to the top he claps for himself. He is such a proud little boy.

He is becoming a picky eater, which is so frustrating. I have tried so hard to not make this boy picky. Picky eaters are the worst. We offer him pretty much everything we eat. He does like my green smoothies, he doesn’t like really tart fruit, he prefers pretty bland foods. He loves chewing on hard breads and pretzels (must be the salt like his daddy) but he absolutely LOVES chocolate. He does anything to get his hands on chocolate. 

He got his first two teeth, finally! I was getting worried there for a minute. He still hasn’t grasped the whole chewing concept, hopefully once that happens he will start liking a variety of foods.

He loves to hold his hand out/point to what he wants/where he wants to go. It’s the cutest thing ever!

He is a bit of a whiner, he kinda whines all.the.time! It’s definitely frustrating at times. He seriously whines more with me however, he will be perfectly fine until I walk in the room, then it begins. 

He loves to be around his sister and wants everything and anything that she has. His sister absolutely loves him and loves to give huge hugs but doesn’t like to share her toys. She is really rough with him. Even with the constant, “be soft” she is still really really rough with him. She will pull him down, push him, grab his legs so he can’t crawl, hug him around his neck…you name it. It’s definitely a battle but soon he is going to be bigger and will be able to fight back (Addy doesn’t know what’s coming).

He is a pretty good sleeper. He still wakes up one time per night, but sometimes more and sometimes not at all. If he does wake up he drinks a bottle in 10 minutes and falls right back to sleep. He definitely loves his sleep. He is a tummy sleeper and will roll right to his stomach and snuggle his blankets. He really loves his soft bamboo blankets!

Aside the fact that he is whiny, he really is a happy boy! He loves attention and he loves people! He is a little charmer, he stares at people to give him attention and then gives the biggest smiles and laughs in return. He definitely has a happy personality!

He still has bad eczema, it goes from practically gone to red and bleeding within days. We can’t get a grip on it so we will be visiting a dermatologist this week to hopefully get a better cream or at least some answers. Until then, we continue to put aquaphor, vanicream and hydrocortizone.

He absolutely loves the swing, he just laughs and laughs. We are having an exceptionally warm winter and have been able to visit the park and swing.

He started crawling right before Christmas, so just after 10 months. He did this funny crawl with his right leg, practically walking and the other leg crawling. He occasionally does it now and it’s quite comical. He is walking around with his walker, walking with our hands and along furniture. He pulls himself up on everything. He has only stood on his own a few times, so I am sure walking is still a ways out.

He is definitely a boy and into everything. I constantly compare boys vs. girls and this boy thing is so new but so fun at the same time.

He still has a love for baths. When he hears the water starting he gets so excited. He splashes like crazy, and has the time of his life for those 20 minutes, then he is done and just wants to stand out of the tub. I should probably bathe him more often than I do because he loves it that much.

He loves to sneak into the bathroom, when he hears the door open he quickly crawls to try to get in. He does this when we open the down stairs and pantry door too.

He is such a fun little boy to have in our family. He gives the best smiles and they are always the same expressions, he has the biggest eyes.  He has the cutest golf ball sized cheeks that I just kiss all day. He is relatively happy when he gets his way, pretty chill and into everything. We love him and can’t believe we are nearing the 1 year mark already! We love you Harrison!


2014: Addy’s Dance Recital


Addy had her second dance recital. This year we switched studios to a studio closer to home. The ballet class was full so we decided to try the tap/jazz combo class. I thought for sure she would like tapping. She definitely likes the shoes and the sounds they make but she was definitely skeptical of this new form of dance for a bit.

We had a few months of her screaming, crying and not dancing, which was frustrating and sad. I was about to take her out of dance and then something clicked and she started going on her own without tears. Now she loves it and she is learning a ton! She has the sweetest teachers, Miss Cindy and Laura, and she is learning so much! She talks about her teacher all the time and loves getting a stamp on her hand at the end the most!

Her winter recital was so entertaining to watch, the entire show was! Addy did awesome, her dance was called the flying suit. She did a lot of the dance but refused to hold hands and dance in a circle with the other girls…even though I had talked and talked about her not being stubborn and holding hands.

She had quite the audience show up. There were 8 of us there to support her. It was an hour long show (which was awesome because they split the entire studio up into 3 or 4 different shows and in different age groups so you weren’t there forever) and it was full of entertainment! Addy’s dance was at the tail end of the show, I was nervous of her being back stage without me and I was worried she was going to need the restroom or she would pee on stage, oh the joys of being a mom! But she did awesome!! It is so much fun to see her grown up, dancing on stage. She loved getting makeup on and asked for makeup for a few days after. The next day she had mascara under her eyes, it made me smile.

Matt recorded the entire dance with our nice camera and I was trying to snap pictures on my phone, which was silly because hardly any turned out and I was pretty bummed. However, our awesome neighbors and friends saw me taking them off my phone and snapped a ton of pictures of Addy for us. We are so lucky to have such great friends looking out for us.

It was so much fun to see her perform, I don’t think there is anything much cuter than a little girl in their dance costume. Afterwards, my parents (plus Mindy and Ted) went to one sweet slice to get Addy a well deserved cupcake for her awesome performance. We are looking forward to her tap performance this spring!