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Summer 2014

Wow! We have had such a fun yet busy summer. We looove to keep ourselves busy and love creating memories with our family! Some of the highlights.


We blessed Harrison on June 8. Matt gave him an amazing blessing. We had lots of family and friends come and celebrate with us after with lots and lots of food!

Addy had her very first dance recital. She danced with the Lancaster School of Ballet to Snow Queen. She was a cute little flower. She did awesome. She was a little nervous to be left alone without me. But she stayed back stage and even danced. The night before the recital during practice, she ran on stage for the next number and danced all around it was so cute! I wish I had that recorded. She was quickly taken off stage by Masie and wasn’t too thrilled. It was such a fun experience. Yai Yai and Ted came and supported her, she loved it! We got her flowers and a cute little Anna frozen doll after her performance.

Matt ran in his first half marathon and did awesome. He ran it in 2:00 hours. He ran with my mom and Ted in the American Fork Half. It is a cancer run and he ran for my sweet cousin Abi, who was diagnosed with brain cancer but recently passed away after a long hard fight.

We bought a play set and had to assemble it over quite a few weekends. It was a lot of work and I don’t think Matt will ever be convinced to do it again. It is awesome and Addy has enjoyed playing on it this summer!


We went to the Bee’s game for the 4th of July with my family. It was sooooo hot! It was a fun game, well I don’t think we really watched the game but we stayed long enough to see the fireworks.

We went to St. George with my family. We had a lot of fun. We rented a townhouse so we could all hang out after the kids went to sleep. Every night we played games and we had the best time! Danny and Demi killed us all. We played cranium and catch phrase. We went on a few hikes up snow canyon. Had delicious swig. The guys went golfing, the girls went shopping. We swam. We had a really fun getaway even in the heat!

We celebrated Matt’s 32nd Birthday! We had a little party with our friends at our house. Matt got an awesome 30lb pizza steel and pizza supplies, some new shirts and a golf belt.

We got a new car! We had decided we wanted a Toyota Highlander, even before we test drove it. Little did we know that it is one popular car and it was pretty much sold out everywhere new and used. We searched numerous dealerships and they had a few but it wasn’t in the right color or it didn’t have leather (I really really wanted leather interior). We finally test drove it and then we really knew we wanted it. We were desperate and the only option we were given was to wait 8 weeks and special order exactly what we wanted. Well, we are impatient and waiting 8 weeks was not an option. We started looking out of state, crazy right?! We looked in Texas, Colorado and finally we found one in Las Vegas. Matt emailed them and negotiated a little bit and they came back with a great price and actually thousands cheaper than any dealership here. So funny side note, the dealership right by our house said they found a car (exactly like the one we found) in another state that they could have shipped here for $500. When we had the price from the Vegas dealership, we went back to that dealership saying this is the price we were given at another dealership and they pretty much laughed at us and said yeah right. They didn’t believe us and said come back when the deal falls through. We wanted so badly to take our paperwork to them after it was all done. So back to our car, we called the dealership and said we wanted the car and asked if we could put a deposit down, they said they don’t believe in deposits and they said they would hold the car for us. We quickly ran to a few banks to get cashiers check and booked a one way ticket to Las Vegas for Matt the next morning. He got to Vegas, took a taxi to the dealership and drove home (but got stuck in some awful traffic). It was quite the story and experience for just a car but we absolutely love our car. I love the space, the leather (oh the seat warmers) and so much more!


We went to Lagoon with Matt’s family. Every year Matt’s parents take all the siblings and their families. It was so fun. We were sick last year and missed out, so we were extra excited to go, plus Addy was older and taller. She absolutely loved it! She is about 34″ tall and most of the big kid rides you have to be 36″, we had to sneak her on tons of rides and she was undoubtedly having the time of her life.

We celebrated our 8th anniversary with our yearly tradition at Ruth’s Chris. It was just as delicious as every other time. We got macaroni and cheese this time and it just didn’t meet the mark, we won’t be getting that again. When we checked into the restaurant they said, “you know you can come other than on special occasions” We just laughed and said then we don’t get the free dessert. Plus, we can’t afford to go out there more than twice a year!

We also ventured to Promontory Point to see the Golden Spike with my dad and grandpa. My grandpa has really wanted to take Addy since she loves trains. We kept delaying going because it was such a long drive and traveling with a newborn and a toddler aren’t always easy. But I knew my grandpa would have an amazing time so we just buckled down and decided to bite the dust and go. It was a loooong day. We went to lunch at Maddox in Brigham City first. Once we arrived it was actually really crowded. It was a special day and admission was free, score! and  they let us get on the train and see the engine, which they don’t usually allow. We watched the reenactment, looked at the trains, took a little ride on their engine cab thing, and got a little souvenir at the gift shop. It was a fun time and seeing how excited my grandpa was to take Addy and show her things was worth the long day.

We had to go to the fair again, it is so much fun. Plus that awesome extra priced slide is just so fun. So is all the delicious food. Sadly, I was doing a month long food challenge so I couldn’t enjoy it as much as I would’ve!

We went to the Ogden temple dedication with my mom. It was such a gorgeous temple. It was fun to see a temple dedication, it was my first temple dedication I have been too.

We had the Macias’ family over for breakfast while they visited from Texas. We were so glad we could spend some time with them. We miss them so much. Matt and Juan went bowling after while I had our other Texas friends over for a play date.

We went on numerous hikes this summer and Addy fell in love with hiking. Her only request was to have any form of water so she could throw rocks, pretty simple girl. We also went to silver lake, for the first time in my life. We went with our friends, the Gents, it was a lot colder than we were expecting but we embraced it and walked around the entire lake. It was a gorgeous lake.

Among all that we went to the: zoo numerous times, Thanksgiving point museum of curiosity, farms and dino museum, the local pool, splash pads, aquarium, parks, and so much more.


Addy: 3 years

Addy has grown up so much, my little baby shouldn’t have just turned 3! She has grown up in the past few months so much. I have been jotting down quite a few things in the past 6 months and here are some of our favorites or ones to remember:

One of our favorite things is how she refers to herself as Adelaide June Smith the Monkey. Very random and we have no idea where it came from but it sure doesn’t get old! She loves to make monkey noises. Her favorite is to wake us up with the monkey noise, it’s a high pitched oooh-ahhh. It’s funny sometimes, maybe when we are play sleeping but when we are rally really dead asleep it’s brutal. Matt definitely gets it more than I do.

She is potty trained! Hallelujah! I was so fed up with changing two diapers I just decided one night to start potty training the next morning and not look back. She has done SO SO SO well! She’s had a few random accidents but other than that she is golden. It was a long few days. We decided to just stay home for 4 days straight, we watched movies, played games, she ran around comando, she wore dresses for easy access, we got McDonalds, treats etc etc. At one point she sat on the portable potty (in front of the tv and toys) for 3 hours! I did my very best to not get frustrated. At one point she just wouldn’t go, we tried everything (running water, hands in water, rubbing her belly) I finally just walked away, to vent to Matt and she finally went. This was the ticket, we still have to just walk away and let her cry a little and she goes. Kinda brutal but not changing two diapers is beyond glorious! She is so short that she still needs help getting on and off the potty and she hasn’t quite got the whole pull your underwear up first then your pants. It’s funny. We are working on getting her to do it on her own, because in my opinion, it’s just as bad as changing diapers.

She knows her ABC’s! She just started singing it out of the blue one day. She is so stubborn and I knew she knew it she just wouldn’t sing them on command. She knows how to count to 10 but recently she will miss 3-5 and just say 1-2-6-7-8-9-10! 

She is so hyper! Boy this girl has energy and sometimes she is so rough she can hurt Matt and me. She usually gets really hyper at night and especially when she knows bed time is approaching.

She loves church, it’s hit or miss if she likes nursery or not. Every time we drive or walk by the chapel she points and yells, “Look there’s nursery or church!” She is going to be in Sunbeams at the beginning of the year and that just doesn’t seem right!

She is seriously a parrot. Matt’s parents watched her for our anniversary dinner and that was one of the first things Matt’s mom mentioned when we got home. But it’s no joke, she mimics everything we say. Sometimes we ask her to say big words to see how she says it. We definitely have to be more cautious at words we use. I purchased her Elsa dress for Halloween from a China website. (You can get awesome dresses for $8 bucks). Well when I got it we kept talking about how it came from China, blah blah blah and when my mother in law asked where she got it from she said “my  mommy got it from China!” She really does listen it’s almost scary!

She teaches me patience in so many ways. If I am frustrated, she will say, “it’s ok mommy” I am learning so much from her and she is making me a better person for sure!

She has the worst tempers. She hates to be disciplined. Now when she gets in trouble she will fall to the floor and crouch down or she will hide between her hands. It actually makes me so sad. She is so better at apologizing now.

She finally has ALL her two year old molars, it was a rough few months of her getting high fevers and in pain for a few days. They finally finished coming in a few weeks before we left to Disneyland. I hope that the future isn’t as bad!

She is so brave. We went to lagoon this summer and went on tons and tons of rides, including the roller coaster that she was technically too small for. She is definitely a thrill seeker and loves the wild rides!

She was so excited for her birthday, she would talk about what colors of candles she wants, that she wants cupcakes, about gifts. This was the first year she really understood what was going on. Christmas is going to be the best!

She loves everything princess, she loves dressing up more and more. She can practically name all the princesses, what can you say…so scholarly at such a young age.

She loves having her hand traced and tracing our hands.

She still loves to be outside. She loves drawing with chalk, throwing rocks, going to the park, swinging and just being outside in general.

She is so curious. She asks questions all the time. What time is it? What’s that? Are you mad at that car?

She is so very OCD. She loves to line up toys. She loves to make sure the house is clean. She loves to throw away diapers if she sees them. She will say: “Ahhh there’s a diaper in my house!”

Lately, she has hated washing her hands after going to the bathroom. She will seriously throw a tantrum and go to time out over washing her hands.

She has a blanket obsession. Now to go to bed we need like 5 blankets!

She loves to paint, color, draw, art projects. You name it. We started doing a preschool workbook and she loves it. She will ask for school constantly. Some days she is really into into and other days she wants to be silly.

She is still taking naps, and she really does need them. I can’t complain. We have 1 o’clock church so she misses her nap, by the time dinner rolls around she is mess. Most days she takes between a 2 and 3 hour nap.

She usually wakes up between 7 and 8am and goes to bed around 8:30.

She is one spunky, sassy little girl! She definitely has her own unique personality. She loves to be in charge and tells us what to do. But she can also be shy at times too. She doesn’t love to play independently as much but she is the first child, I only expect it. We love how much she has grown up in the past year. She is our little chatterbox. We can’t believe 3 years has flown past so quick, time needs to slow way down.



October Fall Fun

We had such a fun and eventful October it was worth an entire blog post! 

We went to the Mabey Family Farm pumpkin patch. We went last year and had such a great time, we had to go back. Plus this year we saw the Mabey family that we knew back in Texas, it was so fun to catch up and see their family! This year we went with our friends, the Gents. We had such a fun time. Addy was so excited all day and she just loves Sam. We searched for some awesome pumpkins and came home with way too many. Afterwards, the kids painted their pumpkins, we ate pizza and let the kids play. It was such a great night!

We also went to Cornbelly’s at Thanksgiving Point with the Gents. It was a fun fall themed fair in a sense. We went on a hay ride, rode a few rides and slides, played some games, did a few activities, let the kids run around, ate popcorn and snow cones and enjoyed a firework show after. 

My friends and I ran the Provo Haunted 5k. We had some great ideas of costumes but ended up wearing tutus like every other person. Regardless, we had such a fun time, it was a really pretty run and a beautiful day. Afterwards, we ended up running into Costco to buy the 8′ ($180) bear for Whitney (well her boyfriend). We stuffed into the back seat of our honda civic and we were able watch it for Whitney for a few days. The kids loved having it but I could never justify the cost to ever buy that ridiculously large stuffed animal. 

The Newman’s hosted a Halloween Party a week before Halloween. We decided to be Ron Burgandy and Veronica Corningstone from Anchorman. Matt went all out. We went to Savers to pick up our fine attire. Matt found an awesome pin strip suit with a vest for $20 bucks. I found a nice shirt with shoulder pads. (When I got home to try it on I realized it still had the tags on it. The tag was from 1986, the year I was born. My mom guessed there was a ZCMI tag still and low and behold there was in the sleeve, it was $45.00. Seriously so crazy.) Matt also got a wig and mustache to complete the look. Coincidence, I had purchased Harrison a dog costume last year when I was pregnant and it worked out perfectly for him to be our dog Baxter. Addy was the Snow Queen, Elsa from Frozen.

We went up to Heber to ride the Heber Creeper with the Newman family. It was a pumpkin fall festival train ride, with pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, Halloween music and a free pumpkin after the ride. I had never been on the Heber Valley Railroad and was really expecting it to be a very different experience. It was an awesome old train but the ride definitely fell short. The ride went through the city, which I thought went up in the hills, stopped after 10 mins and turned around. The kids enjoyed it though and that’s all that mattered. After, we went to dinner at a really yummy Mexican restaurant in Midway. 

I got Addy’s costume from an online China store for a whopping $8. She was so excited. Of course weeks before Halloween she wanted to be Minnie Mouse, which was what she was last year. But she slowly changed her mind to be Elsa. I didn’t think her costume would arrive before Halloween but when it did she didn’t want to take it off. She actually wore it so often that it ripped, what can you expect for such a high quality dress. I fixed it the night before Halloween and it’s holding up quite well. 

Halloween morning we went to Garner Village with my mom to walk around and see the witches. We got some delicious candy from the candy shop and grabbed lunch on our way home. Later that afternoon, my sister dropped her dog off. He had  been here a few minutes and the kids loved having him here. Sadly, Harrison fell down the stairs in his walker around 4 pm. He had just woken up from a nap and was starting to fall asleep so I ran him to the ER. A few hours later (and a CT scan and xray) we were cleared to go home just in time for trick or treating. Addy was having quite a fun time but she is a little slow we had to hold her. She was very soft spoken when she would say trick or treat. She ended up with a ton of candy but wanted to go home before I thought she would. 

We had such a fun October, it flew by and we are approaching winter. I am excited for winter but love the fall. The leaves changing and the cooler weather.

Addy’s Birthday

We had quite a fun week celebrating Addy’s birthday!

Sunday before her birthday we had all her grandparents over for dinner and a party. It was so much fun. We had quite the feast and a giant chocolate cake. We decorated the house in frozen themed colors. She loved having all the attention on her and getting all her gifts.

Monday, her actual birthday, we let her decide her day. We went to the museum of natural curiosity at Thanksgiving Point after  making a pit stop to the outlets to get her new shoes because we forgot to grab shoes when we left. After the musuem we went to Crowne Burger for a bacon, french fry and chocolate shake lunch and chick fil a for dinner. Probably the worst food day ever! Sadly, matt had to leave that afternoon to Austin. That night we watched frozen and she had a sleepover in my bed. (For the record she is the worst sleeper, she is noisy and man she moves a ton!)

Saturday, we had a friends birthday party at the pool. We invited her closest friends to have pizza and cake and go swimming after. It was so much fun and almost everyone showed up. It was so easy and it was well worth the price.

I think it’s safe to say that she had quite the birthday! She needs to work on blowing out the candles. We are so grateful for all our family and friends that came to celebrate with Addy for her birthday.

Harrison: 6-8 months

Phew! We made it 8 months. It has been a rough few months with this little guy and I am knocking on wood because things are starting to get  a little better (it’s been good but this past weeks been bad again). We think that the last few weeks, ok more like 7-9 weeks (there was some extremely rough weeks), he was going through night terrors. He would wake up with gut wrenching screams every few hours, newborn style. I was usually the only one who could hold him or nurse him to calm him down. It was sad and frustrating at the same time. Oh and he was grumpy and oh so whiny all day. It was hard, very hard. We tried everything and I even broke down and called the doctor and there only response was he’s old enough to cry it out, you should try that. So I hope we are past it for the most part. I think his naps could be a factor, we/he was not very consistent with naps. We are always on the go and he has been used to his naps in the car seat. We are working on getting him into a better routine and longer naps. I think it is helping as well.

But through all that he was still our little handsome fella and still a smiley little guy. He was almost 16 pounds at his 6 month appointment. When I weighed him around 8 months on my home scale it said he was 18.2 pounds. He is a big boy!

He is loving food! We have given him little pieces of food, baby food, frozen fruit in that awesome mesh compartment thing and apples. Some days he loves food and others he isn’t interested. He even loved prunes, who likes prunes? I am hoping this bodes well for his future and he isn’t nearly as picky as Addy.

He is still not crawling! And is not even slightly close. I think he might be a scooter. He has been sitting pretty well on his own for quite a few months and loves to reach out in front of him and can move a few inches here and there. He has even started pulling himself up on things. And he tries to stand when he is sitting on your lap.

He still absolutely LOVES baths. Just the sound of the bath starting makes him start to wiggle. I recently had Addy and Harrison bathe together and they have so much fun splashing!

He has really really bad eczema. It seriously breaks my heart. It gets a little better than gets worse. We religiously have to apply a thick coat of vanicream a few times a day. And after baths it gets so bad it bleeds (even with the body wash the doctor recommended).

Saying he loves his walker is an understatement. He goes wild in that thing and runs all around our house and can maneuver around all the obstacles. He loves chasing Addy and she will scream, “Ahh he’s getting me!” I do have to admit when he runs into your ankle it hurts. Sadly, on Halloween he fell down the stairs (in his walker) and had a pretty good size bruise across his cheek and thigh. We had to take him into the ER to get a CT scan and xrays. It was an awful experience, I felt so bad!

His first word was “ma-ma” and he uses it to it’s fullest extent. He will whine and scream while saying it and it is just so joyous. But sometimes it is the cutest thing too. He started saying mama around 6 in a half months.

He will actually start walking when you hold his hands and have him stand. But….just like Addy he probably won’t go anywhere too quick. Our kids like to take their time learning new tricks.

His favorite games are playing peek-a-boo and playing in the ball pit. He is already bored of his activity center. He likes the jumper but only for a short time. He loves going to the park and swinging. His face just lights up with that first initial push, best thing ever! He loves his sister, and watching her run around entertains him for quiet awhile.

He still doesn’t have any teeth but shows signs of teething constantly.

He is a grunter, he is constantly making grunt noises. I tell Matt all the time that he has been demoted as man of the house because he doesn’t grunt enough.

Just before 8 months he weaned himself. I thought I was ready to be done nursing but once I was done I was quite sad. We would supplement him with formula now and then and I think he ended up preferring that. I don’t mind the bottles sometimes but man it’s expensive and getting bottles ready in the middle of the night is such a pain.

All and all he is such a great little baby even with his crazy night shenanigans. He is a little chunker and has the best kissable cheeks ever. I could just kiss them all day. He still loves people and eats up any attention they will give him. He has the best little laugh. He is very curious and is growing up so so fast.


Prepare for picture overload! And in no order whatsoever!


Matt’s parents took us to Disneyland in September and boy was it an awesome trip! When they say it’s The Happiest Place on Earth, they aren’t kidding. We had such a fabulous time, we can’t wait to go back again. If we could, we’d go back tomorrow!

We started off stuffing our six bags of luggage in our car. I sat in the third row with luggage practically on top of me and Matt’s mom was in between the kids with her legs between Matt and his dad. It was awesome and we were glad we weren’t driving.

Addy loved the plane ride. She didn’t want to use our kid’s headphones we got her so she watched and played with her ipad in silence. Harrison was pretty good but had a good 10 minute stretch where he was just miserable and screaming. I finally rocked him to sleep and he was out for the last half of the flight.

Originally, we had planned mid September for the nice mid 80 degree temperatures. However, they were having record breaking temps and it was in the high 90’s, pretty much a sweat fest (good thing Disneyland saved us with there $17 spray bottle).  When we arrived, we couldn’t check into our hotel quite yet. We didn’t waste anytime and jumped right into going to the park, well right after we grabbed some lunch and boy was Addy as impatient as ever. It was a brutal 15 minutes for her. We went straight to the teacups and it was love at first sight for Addy. We knew we’d have an amazing time.

Addy and I were still fighting a nasty cold we had right before we left so at times Addy struggled with a runny nose and cough. She is also allergic to sun block and her eyes would swell and water, her face would get all blauchy (this isn’t new but it was 10x worse than it has ever been) We finally gave up the last two days and didn’t put any sunblock on her face or hands and she was so much better.

Even though it was a little on the crowded side we got onto most rides with minimal wait. The weekend was totally crazy and we will be avoiding them in the future. Addy was too short for the big kid rides and a little too short for a few kid rides but she still had an amazing time.

Some of her favorite rides in Disneyland: Roller coaster in Toon Town, Teacups, It’s A Small World, and Winnie the Pooh. (She also claims Dumbo but she only went on it once) In California Adventure: Ladybug, Caterpillar and the Little Mermaid. 

We were all able to get on all the big rides. We would take turns running on the rides early during the magic early hour or getting fast passes. We did ride Pirates and the Haunted Mansion with the kids and Addy didn’t love pirates but my favorite was her saying that “Ohh, that makes my belly feel silly.”

We went to lunch at Ariel’s Grotto to meet all the princesses. Addy loves princesses but was definitely nervous about interacting with them. She was definitely shy and wasn’t quite sure how to react. She warmed up, especially with Rapunzel. They were all so cute and it was so worth the not so delicious lunch to have that special time with each of the princesses!

We got to meet the infamous Elsa and Anna. They had an awesome system, you would get into a line first thing to get a ticket to go back at a later time. Since we had the early entry Matt was the first person in line but little did we know we should’ve gone to see them then. Instead we got a later ticket for a few hours and still had to wait in a short 20-30 min line. It was well worth the wait though. These were her favorite princesses, she had her Elsa doll with her, she was still a little shy but she talked about them all day! 

We enjoyed lots of yummy food. Matt and his dad loved the popcorn, we got churros, pineapple whips, and our favorite breakfast was the beignets from the jazz kitchen in downtown Disney. 

We seriously had such an amazing trip. We can never thank Matt’s parents enough for their generosity and kindness. We will cherish all these memories of our first trip to Disneyland with our kids. Addy has asked numerous times to go back and she talks non stop about Disneyland (and her birthday that is coming up soon). 


We have been patiently and un-patiently waiting for our Disneyland trip. Matt and I haven’t been since before we were married (at least 9 years ago, when we fibbed ever so slightly and said we were engaged so that I could attend Matt’s school competition and get to go, yeah we were that desperate.) I can say that we are all super excited!! I totally copied a friend, that was also going to Disneyland the same time, and did a countdown chain. We made it when we had a good 3 weeks to go. It was a loooooong chain. Addy didn’t get really excited about it until it got smaller and she knew it was just days away. She has been talking about Disneyland, princesses, rides etc non stop! She doesn’t even know what to expect.

She would watch the Disney channel and wait for the Disney commercials with the castle and say “We are going there!” We would be in the grocery store and she would see a tiny picture on a magazine of Disneyland and would scream we are going there, pointing at the tiny tiny picture. She would tell everyone and go on and on to anyone who would listen. She would even come running into our room, the door would fly open, an hour after we put her to sleep, and she would happily exclaim that we are going to Disneyland, that there would be princess rides and Ariel. This happened quite a few times. She also requested that we take a pink airplane to Disneyland. She invited lots of people, including great grandma smith, my mom and dad and Ted. She will say there will be cookies at Disneyland and every other thing she saw (toys, food, clothes…)

We have been anticipating this trip for months and we can’t wait to go in just two short days! I don’t know if we can tell her the night before because I am afraid she won’t ever go to bed! I know that she will not remember her first time going at such a young age but I am excited to see her excitement, to see Disneyland through her eyes!

Harrison: 5 months


Harrison is already 5 months, how does it go by so fast?!

A little about this sweet, cute boy:

He is seriously such a happy boy! I mean the HAPPIEST little boy EVER! He loves to hear is name and find people in the room. He seriously lights up anytime anyone gives him just a little attention, especially smiles. He is rarely fussy and just has the most laid back personality.

He has the best and cutest laugh. I could listen to it allll day!

He loves Addy! He is constantly entertained by her and will follow her around the room. It’s so sweet to see them interact with one another. Addy takes such good care of him, until it involves him touching her toys or blanket, then it’s another story. She is already stealing away his baby toys.

He is rolling, it took him awhile to figure out the whole arm thing. He pretty much rolls when he is laying on his back and is content for a bit on his belly but has only rolled a few times from his belly to back. He first rolled while we were at the Heward’s for a pool party. I left him on the grass and when I came back he was on his belly. (I missed Addy’s first roll too.) I also turned my head for one minute and he fell on the couch the first time. Poor guy, he was so upset!

He loves to be held! I don’t love holding him. I can’t get anything done. He especially loves when my mom holds him. She spoils him in the holding department.

He is an awesome sleeper, he usually soothes himself to sleep. He doesn’t wake up in the middle of the night to nurse and usually sleeps until at least 5:00 has his first feeding and is back in bed until 7ish. Give or take. It’s glorious! Sometimes he makes it to 6 but then it throws off his entire day! He has had a few days where he has woken up at 3 am but then falls asleep in his swing for awhile. All and all he is a great sleeper and I am too!

He loves sleeping on his side. It’s the cutest thing. He is a mover during the night and will move 180 degrees during the night.

He loooooves to have his blanket near his face, on his face, wrapped around…you name it! It makes me super nervous though. I constantly have to check if the blanket is over his face.

He has pretty bad eczema, and it gets really bad in the heat/outside. When I think we have it under control it pops back up.

He is still going in and out of teething. I think you can see the teeth moving towards the surface. Either way he is a drooler, he loves to bite on my fingers and now in the last few days everything and he loves when we rub his gums. It breaks my heart to know that he is hurting.

He loves baths! He kicks and kicks and water goes EVERYWHERE! It is too fun to watch and not worry about the giant mess he seems to make. 

He is seriously such a great baby! I can’t believe he is already 5 months! He is starting to play with toys. He can entertain himself for awhile. We have offered him some rice cereal but he hasn’t really liked it, but he did like his first few times of sweet potatoes.

We just love these sweet moments with him. He is such a happy camper! We love him and our so happy he is part of our family. We love all the stages he is going  through and I still can’t believe how fast time is flying by! 

Knock on wood, he has only peed on me while changing his diaper twice! 


Harrison: 2 Months

Harrison is already 2 months old! Where did the time go?! My babies are growing up way too fast!

We are slowly getting into more and more of a routine and life with two really isn’t as hard as I anticipated but I should thank both Addy and Harrison they are such troopers and are so so good!

A little about Harrison at two months:

Weight: 22.5 inches Height: 11 lbs. 1 oz. (Both 34 percentile)

He really is a good baby thus far. Like most babies he has his moments of fussiness. For quite a few weeks he would have a grumpy, crying hour a few times a day and usually around the same time everyday (9 am, 7 pm). He is getting past those for the moment, thank goodness.

He is such a good sleeper. He loves sleeping/napping in his swing and sometimes on his belly. During the night he is pretty good. He is a very noisy sleeper though. He is so boy and full of grunts and manly baby noises…if there is such a thing. After 6 weeks of sleeping on the couch and in our room, we finally moved him into his room and thus far we have all had a lot more sleep and he even had a few nights where he slept through the entire night. Addy only lasted in our room for maybe a week before she was in the other room.

He is a great nurser, he got the hang of it really quick, which is so nice. For the most part and for most weeks he was only waking up twice during the night (around 1 am and 5 am). He sometimes woke up more (during a growth spurt) and for a few nights only at 5am or 6am, which is glorious. I think he is pretty close to sleeping through the night now, fingers crossed.  He does, however, nurse every 3 hours in the day almost to the minute but the longer stretches at night are so nice. Nursing definitely isn’t my favorite but he is getting pretty quick and that makes it a lot easier.  

He recently started smiling a lot! When we get him to smile a ton he will make a lot of coos and adorable baby noises and will sometimes stick out his tongue. It is the cutest thing in the whole world! I just love his huge gummy smile with his big eyes! He loves to suck on his hands, I have a feeling that he is going to be a thumb sucker. 

He is a snuggler and wants to be held a lot. He doesn’t mind tummy time, but will only last for a few minutes before getting a little frustrated. Sometimes when he is fussy the only thing to calm him down is to be laid down. He loves car rides and they put him right to sleep. 

Overall, he is a very easy going baby. He loves to lay and kick his legs and will for a half an hour at times. He likes his little activity gym and he will smile at himself in the mirror above the swing. Addy is so sweet with him and I can already tell he is just going to love her.

We can’t believe 2 months has already flown by! I have a love/hate relationship with the newborn stage but now that he is slowly growing out of it I want it to last longer. He is seriously such a good baby. We are completely smitten by him and we can’t get enough of him. 



Addy: 30 Months

Addy is such a character these days! We definitely have our moments of happiness, silliness, sadness and tears. But it’s such a joy to be her mom regardless of the hard days! Some fun facts about her:

She is quite the negotiator. She has learned to ask for 2 more minutes with everything. Whether it’s to watch more shows, play a bit longer before bed, getting more time with her binky; she tries to pull the negotiation card pretty hard. Sometimes she wins and she knows when she has claimed victory.

She is a home-body. When we have been out too long she asks if we can go home. It’s the sweetest thing. This has actually been a blessing since Harrison has arrived, it makes it easier to stay home.

She still loves baths and anything to do with water. She has loved to get pretty wild in the bath lately, it’s pretty funny! She loves to stomp and watch the water fly. She also loves to fill cups up with water and dump them all over the floor. Not my favorite thing at all! But we do have a pretty clean floor. She loves bath time even better when Matt or I get in our suits and join her, then it’s a real party!

She hates getting disciplined, haha…what two year old doesn’t. She seriously can’t handle being told no, if we tell her no or to stop, she’ll says “no” and gets upset. Sometimes she will have a tantrum with fake crying for like 10 minutes or cowardly hides behind her hands.

She loves to take us around the house and when we ask where are we going, she says, “a walk.”

She finally loves nursery! And if she has to get her diaper changed during it she gladly walks right back in. It’s a glorious moment we didn’t think was going to happen….ever! Sadly, we have kept her home from church because I am a paranoid mom so we are hoping she will still enjoy it when we go back!

She still isn’t potty trained and has no desire whatsoever. Even with the bribes and a minnie  mouse potty she has no desire to pee in the big girl potty. She shows signs of wanting to be potty trained but she still regresses if we attempt. She hates getting her diaper changed unless we are at church and it’s completely silent she’ll state she went poopy. We constantly talk about it and when we ask her if her diaper is full or poopy she will tell us no. We will continue to wait until she is ready.

Have I mentioned she is stubborn, boy she is stubborn. She does not like to be told what to do. She is set in her ways and gets so upset if things don’t happen they way she intends. She is a spoiled child, but she definitely doesn’t get her way all the time. Sometimes it’s a battle but she has to learn someway.

She is still practically only eating her meats and carbs, but she is getting a little better at attempting to try new foods. I got her to try a smoothie and a carrot the other day but of course she didn’t like it. However, I claimed it a small victory! A few months back I made pasta with peas, I hid a pea inside a penne noodle and fed her the bite. Some how she found the pea in her mouth and spit it out….HOW?! We are still working on fruits and vegetables. For now we have to make muffins or shred veggies over pasta for her to not know there are hidden healthy-ish foods inside.

She is such a great big sister. She is absolutely in love with Harrison. I was very worried she wouldn’t do well with the change but thus far she is exceeding our expectations! She constantly offers him toys and snacks. She is concerned when he is crying. She just loves to be close and touch his face, hands and toes. One of the first things she asks when she wakes up is “Where is Haron?” She does really well with him but will sometimes get sad when I am nursing and say “I want you” or she’ll ask if we will put Haron in the swing or bouncer so we can play.

She has started playing more independent since Harrison has been around. I have to admit I love it!

She loves playing with her friends! She gets so excited when she knows her friends are coming over to play or we are going to a friends house. It is the sweetest thing to see her interact with kids her age. She prefers playing with kids that are older than her. She is pretty good at sharing but she does know how to defend herself if other kids try to take away her toy.

She is my little helper! She loves to help me cook, she especially loves to make muffins and cookies. She loves to pour all the ingredients into the mixer and turn on the mixer. She also loves to help me with laundry and sweeping…pretty much anything but picking up her toys and messes. 

Her favorite activity is playing with her kitchen and tea time. We couldn’t have known this would be the perfect gift for her. She plays with it every single day. She also loves her cookie set. She thinks the frosting is the cookies though (she knows the best part!) She loves to swing, either at the park, in our arms but especially loves swinging in blankets. She could live just swinging away.

She still loves TV and movies! Sadly, she is getting more TV time than I care to admit. It’s hard when Harrison is nursing to entertain her so the TV is the next best option. Her favorite shows lately: Bubble Guppies (where she tells me every time it comes on that they are naked), Dora the Explorer (which has taught her to studder…she will say I wanna watch D-d-d-dora), Spongebob Squarepants (if there is a show that I absolutely loathe it would be this, it’s so obnoxious and useless), Jake and the Neverland Pirates (this is actually a really cute show, I love when she says: “yo ho let’s go!”) She loves Frozen and pretty much every Disney princess show. We borrowed Lion King and Beauty and the Beast from Matt’s parents. We returned them and two weeks later she couldn’t stop asking for them that we borrowed them again! She has also had a fascination with 5 little monkeys on youtube and has had watched every random version of it. She has also found a youtube video of a lady unwrapping 25 chocolate eggs, surprisingly is has 25 million views…who knows why or how?!

She is all girl! She loves to be a princess, she recently started to get into princess dresses. She loves to wear her crown but immediately asks where her wand is when I put it on her head. She has started asking to wear makeup and loves to put on chapstick. As soon as we put it on she will bat her eyes and stick her hip to the side. We are in trouble people! She loves to pick out her outfit and shoes and is pretty good when I want to do her hair in braids or pigtails.

She absolutely haaaaaaates to get dirty. I tried to get her to play with playdoh the other day and she touched it and said: “no mom, it’s yucky!” She also was eating a chocolate bunny and got chocolate all over her hands and face. I took her into the bathroom to wash everything off, when she saw how messy her face way with chocolate she got really upset. She loves to be clean.

She could (and at times does) live in her jammies all day! If I get her dressed and head out the minute we get home she is requesting that she gets back into her jammies.

She likes to compare things (in a way)…example she will have the remote and will say “it’s like a ball.” Everything is a comparison to something, and usually it’s not anything similar.

She loves to be outside and for Easter she got some shovels and sand toys. She asks to go outside to play but calls shoveling, hammering. It is fun and this is the only way she gets even a little on the dirty side.

We recently transitioned her into a big girl bed and she is absolutely loving it! She has stayed in bed at night and during nap time but it is pretty difficult to get out of. Speaking of which she is the best sleeper and looooves and needs her naps. She goes down for both without a fight and when she wakes up she patiently waits for us to come get her, even in her big girl bed.

She can finally almost count to 10 but misses a few numbers on the way. And she is starting to learn her ABC’s. She says more ABC’s when we are swinging her in her blanket.

She is such a spunky little girl and full of so much energy. She has the best personality. She is funny, loving, caring, and energetic. She is the cutest little girl and we couldn’t love her more! I can’t believe she is already 2 and a half! We thought she was so tiny until Harrison arrived,  I still can’t believe I was lugging around the 23 lb. little girl 9 months pregnant?!


Harrison’s Newborn Pictures

A few weeks ago we got Harrison’s Newborn pictures taken. Our favorite photographer moved so we tried a new photographer. We were really happy with her. She was so sweet with Addy and took so much time getting some great shots of Harrison. The best moment was when we were struggling to get Harrison in a basket, she asked me to hold him and it was the first time I was peed on. I was soaking wet, it looked like I had just peed my pants. Something to get used to with boys. We are so happy we got these pictures taken so we can remember how sweet and little he was. He already looks so different and not so newbornish it’s so crazy to me.