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2013 Christmas Card

This is the first year we attempted Christmas cards, and I can say we had quite the run figuring them out.  By the time shutterfly could deliver them without paying an absurd shipping and not loving any from Costco I decided to just make my own. I won’t lie I didn’t come up with the design on my own but I did have to make the entire card from scratch, which I am pretty proud of and it took a good amount of time! I am no expert on photoshop and I ended up learning a lot, especially after getting them printed at horrible alphagraphics (which I swore I would never use again). We finally figured them out and I absolutely love them. It ended up costing WAY too much (through trial and error) but like I said we learned from our mistakes and I can’t wait to make our next card in a few months! We weren’t able to send them to everyone we wanted but we will be better prepared for next year! BLOG-Card

Santa Pictures

A few weeks ago we got pictures with fotofly Santa. The best part about this is that Matt dresses up like Santa so that Addy isn’t afraid. They never take pictures of his face. Matt got to get all suited up in his Santa gear including a big ol’ belly, beard and all! It was a really quick 10 minute session. Addy did ok but just wasn’t in the mood to cooperate and say cheese! I didn’t love the floor of the set and should have looked at the others. Overall, we were satisfied with the 8 or so pictures we got. If we do it again it probably won’t be for a few years, it was a little rushed and was a little expensive for the overall package. However, we did get some pretty cute pictures!!

Addy is 2!

I can’t believe it’s been two years already! How time is already slipping through our fingers. It seriously just feels like yesterday when we brought her home from the hospital. I remember those days perfectly!

One of my favorite things about her is how sweet she is! She will come up and give hugs and kisses and say “I love you” in the absolute cutest voice ever. It seriously melts our hearts. She does it without being asked.

She has the best manners. She says “thank you” and “please” at least 50% of the time without being prompted.

She is so good at saying goodbye to guests and really anyone. She yells it super loud, waves and then blows kisses, even to complete strangers. It is funny to see the surprised looks on people’s faces when she blows kisses. It is such a cute stage!

If looks could kill, she still to this day has the best glares, pouty faces, you name it. But she does have the cutest smile ever as well. Girl of all traits!

Addy loves to pray and she is teaching us so much too. She immediately folds her arms when we sit down for dinner to pray anywhere, even restaurants. She recently started saying them too. 

She is very independent when it comes to doing tasks , she loves to do so much herself but can get easily frustrated. She likes to walk everywhere, she attempts to take off her shoes but still struggles a bit. However, she is still not an independent player, she loves to have us fully in the action when she is playing. If we are sitting on the couch, she will come up to us with her hand out saying “hand” to hold our hand to where she wants us to be.

She loves to be naked and is pretty obsessed with it. The second her clothes come off she will then run around saying “I’m naked” and then refuses to get dressed. She even asks if she can be naked, it’s pretty funny.

She is such a good sleeper and napper. She goes down between 8-8:30 every night without a fuss, even if she isn’t tired, she will just play in her crib and sooth herself to sleep. Since day light savings we have adjusted a bit but usually sleeps about 11 hours a night. We can’t complain. She also takes on average a 3 hour nap everyday, which are glorious! Her 11 hour sleeps are definitely a recent change (she used to wake up at 6 or 6:30), so we are loving it so much, we are wondering how much life is going to change in the next few months.

She has quite the temper (hello terrible twos). When she doesn’t get her way she either throws whatever is in her hand down and runs and pouts in the corner or immediately drops to the ground and pouts. We are working on this. She is horrible at saying sorry. She sometimes hits when she is upset and when we discipline and ask her to apologize she hids her face and thinks it’s funny. We are in for a long terrible two stage. 

She has the cutest laugh ever! She also loves to put her hand over her mouth when she laughs.

She is a wild child! She loves to intentionally fall/trip and say “I fall.” We laugh so she will continue to do it over and over. She loves to turn off and on the lights. She likes to stand on a chair and turn them on an off for quite some time. She loves to be scared and chased. She will hid in the dark closet and wait for us to come in and scare her. She has the loudest scream ever. But it’s quite entertaining and we play this game on a regular basis.

She still loves music and has ever since she was in the womb. She loves to dance and twirl in circles when she hears music. Her record thus far is 7 full turns before falling over. She also loves her kindermusik cd that we play in the car (which we know regret). The second she gets in her car seat she is saying “mommy my song.” We listen to a few songs over and over again but she absolutely loves it! 

She recently started getting into princesses. It all started when I found her princess gown pajamas Grandma Smith bought her last Christmas, they finally fit and she absolutely loves them. She gets mad when she has to take them off in the morning she would prefer to wear them all day. She loves to point at her pajamas and say “Ariel, Tangled.” We are working on the other princesses. She loves to put on her crowns and play with hers wands and tea set. We definitely have a princess on our hands.

She is starting to explore a few more foods. She is still an amazing meat eater, if that is something amazing. She loves, turkey, hot dogs, steak, and sausage. She will finally eat something with her morning milk, usually a nutrigrain bar, cereal or pop tart. I seriously have run out of options of what to feed her. She refuses most anything new, but I just can’t let her starve! The doctor isn’t too concerned and just wants us to continue to try introducing new foods, she was surprised by how much meat she eats.

She loves to color anything and everything. She has a variety of coloring books but has recently just preferred plain ol’ white paper. She also gets to color on the white board in Daddy’s office, which makes us both nervous! Her new rule is she has to be naked so she doesn’t get it on her clothes. She also loves chalk and runs around outside marking the sidewalk. I say she is pretty artistic.

She also loves board puzzles! We had to go buy more advanced ones because she was getting bored of the animal ones.

She is such a good helper! Whenever she is “helping us” she says “I help.” She loves to help turn the dishwasher, washer and dryer on. She will even take garbage and throw it away. Something we never taught her, just part of her OCD tendencies.

She is in love with movies. She is obsessed with Little Mermaid and Tangled currently. I think Matt and I both have the shows memorized. Her other favorites are Finding Nemo and any of the Toy Story series. During Tangled she will yell for Rapunzel and Finn it’s really cute. She also dances like Rapunzel when she comes down from her tower for the first time. She was watching it on her Ipad the other day and stood up in her chair just to dance during that part.

She loves shows and would watch them all day if I let her. She is obsessed with Dora. She yells “Dora” and “map, map” when we turn on the show. She also says “swiper, swiper, oh man.” Cutest thing ever! Some other favorites are: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (she calls it Minnie or Mickey), Sponge Bob Squarepants (most annoying show ever, thanks to Danny for introducing her), and Sophia the first (princess).

This list could go on and on! We think she is the cutest little munchkin around! She has the best personality and is growing up way too fast in our opinion. She is sweet and sassy all at the same time. We love seeing her develop and learning new traits everyday. She is our social butterfly and absolutely loves to play with other kids. We are so blessed to have such an amazing little girl in our family! She teaches us so much. She is the light in our eyes. We love her so much and can’t imagine our life without her.

Sadly, I didn’t take that many pictures in the last few months of just Addy in everyday life. But here are a few!



Happy Halloween

I almost forgot to post about Halloween, better late than never! But we had such a fun Halloween!

A few weeks before we hit up the pumpkin patch, I have always wanted to have the tradition of going to the pumpkin patch. We decided to go to a local farm in South Jordan, Mabey Farms. We knew the Mabey family when we lived in Texas and wanted to support their family. It was the perfect farm and so fun. Addy just wanted to ride in the wagon and got covered in dirt but she was happy. It was an adventure to pick out all our pumpkins we even got a little baby one for our little boy.  

It was Addy’s first year really understanding and getting excited about Halloween. We practiced ringing the doorbell and saying “trick or treat” for weeks. She is too young to have any say of what she wanted to be so I took the opportunity to pick out her costume for the year. My mom had given her some Minnie ears a few months ago and she was fascinated with them and would wear them out in public so I figured Minnie would be a fun costume for her. I made her costume and everything came together so well. I wanted to do the red Minnie but I really wanted the yellow shoes to match. I searched and searched for the perfect yellow shoes. To my surprise there were very limited options and the options there were ridiculously outrageous. Fortunately, I went to a boutique sale and they had the shoes I wanted so bad for $15, still a little pricey for used shoes but it beats the $60 they are normally. (Who pays that much for kids shoes, when she wears them I am so paranoid she is going to scratch them, that is never a good thing to be worried about!) I needed a black shirt and tights and got a good deal at Old Navy. I was excited at how inexpensive I made her costume, especially seeing how much costumes cost these days! 

Tuesday before Halloween we got to dress up for Kindermusik, Addy loved dressing up in her Minnie outfit. On Halloween day we started off by going to the library for the Halloween activities. They read cute Halloween themed books, had arts and craft and then had trick or treating through the library. Addy had a great time and it was so fun to see all the cute Halloween costumes. We then went and visited my mom at her work for lunch and the sugar rush began. That night we went to visit Matt’s parents, sadly his mom wasn’t there but we had dinner with his dad and visited awhile. We then shot up to our family friend, the Anzers, for more dinner and the candy overload. Addy got a king size Hersey Bar, which she is still working on to this day. We then made our trek down to the Berry’s had some donuts and root beer and visited with friends. It was getting late and we still wanted to hit up our neighborhood for a bit. We went to a few neighbors houses and then my dad came to visit. Like most holidays it is filled with a bit craziness but it was such a fun night. Addy got lots of great treats but still isn’t into candy so we got to reap the benefits! 

I have to admit she was a pretty cute Minnie mouse! It was so fun getting into the Halloween spirit! She was such a good sport and loved getting dressed up. I tried making her nose black but she drew the line at that point! We had such a fun day! 


Addy’s Birthday!

We had quite the weekend celebrating Addy’s 2nd birthday! She was one lucky girl and got three separate parties!

Saturday we had my family over. It was such a nice sunny day, I think her Texas roots came out again, we have had good weather both years in Utah celebrating.

That morning she woke up at 8:30 asking for was a cupcake. She was so excited for her cupcakes and had been asking for them for a few days. I am pretty sure she had no idea what was in store for the day. We went downstairs and she saw her gifts wrapped, she wanted to open them up right then. That morning while we prepared we let anything go, she got to watch Minnie and Dora. 

My family came over for lunch and a party! We had delicious croissant deli sandwiches, pasta salad, jalapeno popper dip, veggies, chips and such. It was a lot of Addy’s favorite foods! She loved having everyone over, she was enjoying playing with my dad, mom and Ted, just laughing so hard! We ate lots of food, played and then opened presents. Addy got some great gifts. I wouldn’t say she wasn’t spoiled at all! She loved all her gifts but she was definitely most excited for her bounce house. We set it up right away and she was in childhood heaven!

When we sang happy birthday to her she got super shy and put her head down, it was the cutest yet funniest thing. She was however able to blow out the candle and actually ate her cake this year! Yippee!

After her nap the first thing she asked for was for her papa, I said “he’s at home”, she said “oh where’s daddy, no where’s bounce house”, so we set up the bounce house yet again. Sadly, Matt and I are really bad at reading descriptions and we thought this bounce house was 5 x 7 but it is actually 9 x 12, it’s huge! It was suppose to be for the long cold winters but it takes up pretty much any room it is in but she still loves it either way.

Sunday was her actual birthday, it snowed for the first time this season, quite a bit but she loved every minute of it. We went to a baby blessing and got a nice long nap even with day light savings in full swing. That night we had Matt’s parents, grandma and grandpa over for a big meal. We had brisket, red potatoes, jalapeno popper dip, veggies, garlic cheese bread and of course more cupcakes and ice cream. After she got to open a few more gifts and loved spending time with more family!

It was fun to have two small intimate parties with our families.

The following Friday we had a little friend party continuing the Minnie theme. It was a fun excuse to have lots of friends over to play. Sadly, we didn’t get any pictures but we had lots of fun with her friends!

All and all it was a successful bash and I think it’s safe to say she had a pretty great birthday celebration! She was definitely spoiled! She loved opening gifts, having most of the attention on her and spending time with her family and friends. We are so fortunate to live near family and be able to spend these moments with them. We can’t believe two years has gone by so quick. She is the best little munchkin ever and we are so blessed to have her in our lives.



Addy’s 2 Year Pictures

We went to fotofly to get Addy’s 2 year old pictures today. We were so impressed and SO in love with all her pictures! We got Addy’s six month photos here and loved them so we were excited to go back especially since they have more backdrops than before, plus they are so affordable. We scheduled her sitting right after nap time but prepared her by giving her a piece of chocolate cake before! The session only lasts 45 mins and Addy did really well the first half but the last 15 minutes or so she was done, the chocolate wore off! We loved our photographer and Addy warmed up to him so quick, which we worried about. His favorite way to get Addy to smile was to hit Matt or I with the cookie monster stuffed animal, however, if he hit one of us, Addy would point and say “now Mommy.” It was really fun to see her personality come out and the photographer captured some awesome shots. We are thoroughly satisfied and we scheduled a fun Santa session in a few weeks!

Announcing Baby #2


We are thrilled to announce we are expecting baby #2 due March 16! And it’s a BOY!! We are still in shock over here, we were definitely thinking we were having a girl! But we couldn’t be more excited! We have a lot to learn with a little boy! It is the perfect time of the year and we couldn’t be more excited about the timing! We’ve always wanted a March baby!

Before we knew what we were having we were thrilled to have either gender! Our reasons: If it’s a girl we have a TON of girl clothes and that will make life a little easier and cheaper. Plus her and Addy would be just over 2 years apart and I assume will be best buds! But we also think it would be fun to have a boy, we are due right in the midst of March madness and if we have a boy, and he’s anything like Matt and loves basketball, it would be such a fun experience to have him celebrate it during that season! I know, totally silly!

This pregnancy has been really similar to mine with Addy’s. With both I was nauseous but never threw up and extremely tired. I think it was harder this time around because I couldn’t just lay down, relax and sleep whenever I wanted. I still feel nauseous here and there even though I am  past that “sick” time. During the first trimester I have had the same aversions to foods as I did with Addy, sugary candy (which if you know me, that is just crazy) and meats. I have loved fruit and craved it just like with Addy. I had a hard time being productive; cooking, cleaning , laundry you name it has been neglected but that all changed once the glorious 2nd trimester began!

At around 16 weeks, I hadn’t started showing quite yet, I was just feeling a little chubby at that point. I started feeling the little bean around 16 weeks and just like the heart rate checks and first ultrasound I can already tell we have a wiggly baby on our hands!  Thus far it’s been a great pregnancy. Everything seems to be perfect. The first ultrasound at  9 weeks the little bean was moving around like crazy and my midwife said that wasn’t usually the case. At my 13 & 17 week appointment we easily found the heart beat and it was at a good strong pace! We haven’t been spreading the news quite like we did with Addy, I guess with round two we are a bit more casual about it this time around. We are still super excited and looking forward to meeting this little guy in 5 months!

Our ultrasound appointment went well, even with Addy yelling that she wanted her mommy the entire time. The little guy is sitting really low, no wonder I feel like I have to pee 24/7, this was just like Addy. I guess my bladder is very comfy. We weren’t sure we would be able to find out the gender since he was all tucked, again just like Addy was. But with a few jiggles we got him to move. He had one of his hand up by his head, kinda in a thinking position, which was super cute. We even saw him moving his jaw. Everything measured right on and everything is looking great! 

I am loving my midwife, I can’t tell you how nice it is to have a doctor that is kind and cares so much about you. I had the worst experience with Addy in Texas. I will be delivering at the new Lone Peak Hospital which is honestly in walking distance from my house….just 1.2 miles away (says google maps).

Addy surely doesn’t realize what is going to hit her. When we ask her “What’s in mommy’s belly?” She always points and replies “a baby” but she is in for a rude awakening! She still gets upset if I hold another baby or toddler and hates if I interact with other kids her age over her. She definitely has been spoiled being the only child. But the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. I was exactly the same way…I was 4 when my little sister was born but as soon as she came around; I wanted to be held all the time and I even tried to suffocate her (eek). We will be keeping a close eye on Addy!

Life as of Late

We definitely stay busy in the Smith household! We have had quite the summer, spending time with family and friends! Here is a little update on a few things blog worthy!

We celebrated Matt’s 31st birthday while in New York but he did get to open his gifts before we left! Addy picked out the wrapping paper and helped unwrap the gifts, she is preparing for her birthday coming! He got lots of new golf clothes!

We also celebrated our 7th anniversary in August. Time is flying by, we have been together for 9 years, if you count dating. It doesn’t feel like that long but looking back we have done and accomplished so much! Here’s to another 7 amazing years of marriage! We were able to drop Addy off at the Evan’s house and go out to a nice dinner to our favorite restaurant, Ruth’s Chris! It always exceeds our expectations, we drool over the amazing food and dream about the next time we can go! 

We have definitely kept our summers busy! We had passes to the zoo, aquarium, cowabunga bay and thanksgiving point! We have definitely got our moneys worth on these passes but it has kept us in crazy mode! I have learned for the future to limit our passes, but when Addy is free for the pass it was definitely justifiable! We also spent a lot of time at the park! Addy loves the park and we now have to spell out the word or she won’t leave us alone! She finally dared to go down the big slide all by herself and I think it’s now her favorite!

Since Matt was gone over the Labor Day weekend, we jammed our Labor Day into a day of fun! We started off going to the zoo. Since we have passes, we kinda flew through it only really stopping at Addy’s favorite animals. It never gets old to see Addy’s reactions to the monkeys, chimps and apes! After the zoo we grabbed DP Cheesesteaks for lunch and took it to the park. We let Addy play around for awhile before heading home for a nice long nap. The party didn’t stop there, once she woke up we went to Thanksgiving Point Farm, we went on the wagon ride, saw all the animals, fed the baby goats and let Addy ride on the pony. It was nice to go with Matt so he could see what Addy and I do during the work day. Loving my pregnancy cravings, we ended up going to KFC for dinner, it was actually delicious. Matt was one happy camper and kept saying I don’t think we have ever gone to KFC our entire marriage! It was a perfect day!

Matt planned his 2013 mancation to St. George with his friends Clint and Dan! They were planning on golfing 36 holes a day! I don’t think they ever ended up playing that many because it would get dark too early but they attempted and that’s all that mattered. They stayed at my uncles house, went swimming, even got man massages, ate out and had a fun weekend with just the guys. I think this is such a fun tradition for them. They too need a break from life. It will be something they all look forward to each and every year!

We have been in our house a full year now! Time again has completely flown by and I am still in shock how quickly life can fly by! I have finally got caught up on Addy’s room and it’s just about done, yes it took a full year! I finally finished painting Addy’s dresser, now I just need to finish accessorizing and it’ll be complete (more pictures to come)!

Our favorite summer activities: Feeding the ducks, going to Thanksgiving point children’s gardens and farm, Hogle Zoo, many trips to the park, swinging on our backyard tree swing (which is now sadly gone), and of course spending time with our friends and family!

A funny Addy-isms! We were at my mom’s house for dinner and Addy is obsessed with water (puddles, sprinklers, cups of water…) but especially the hose. She was drenched from head to toe and it was a cooler night so we took her shirt off. She then decided her pants weren’t needed and started to take them off, she was now only in her diaper running around in circles saying “naked, naked!”  It was the funniest and cutest thing ever!

We are so excited for fall to finally be here! I am looking forward to cooler weather, upcoming holidays/seasons and new fall foods (hello soups and pumpkin cookies), pumpkin patches, fallen leaves and so much more!! 




A fair is a veritable smorgasbord…

When I was in 1st grade I starred as Charlotte in Charlotte’s Web. I came home and told my mom I had the lead role before they had determined roles. My mom was worried how I would take it if I wasn’t that lead role but luckily we didn’t have to journey down that path.

Charlotte’s Web has to be one of my favorite children’s book of all time! Who doesn’t love that classic book?! I periodically will still sing songs from the play/movie and I am pretty sure Matt thinks I am the craziest person ever! Last week we went to the Utah Sate Fair and it was only fitting to sing Templeton’s song about his amazing feast at the fair, because who doesn’t love the fair, the food and the entertainment!? I know Templeton sure did!

We seriously had one of the best nights! I have allllways wanted to go to the fair, but Matt was always skeptical! We can now say this will be a yearly tradition for our family! We met up with our friends, the Berry’s, on a Thursday night. It had down poured earlier that day and we were sad thinking the fair wouldn’t be happening. That afternoon the weather cleared and it was actually sunny, gotta love Utah weather, and it was a perfect evening. Matt was definitely sad that we weren’t eating dinner at the fair, instead we had quinoa taco salad, but that was are excuse to eat deep fried desserts later!

We started off seeing the 900 lb. butter sculpture of the cow being taken by aliens. It was actually very impressive that they could sculpt butter so intricately in just under 5 days! I wouldn’t know where to start.

I was suckered into getting Addy a new little purse necklace, that was totally a rip off, but she loves it!

We spent a good 15 minutes watching Addy run around chasing bubbles from two clowns. She was loving it and couldn’t believe the size of these bubbles. Sadly, she was the smallest and would get run over by the big kids. I was more concerned than she was, she was having the time of her life! 

Addy was so excited about the rides! She wanted to ride every ride she saw and mostly wanted to ride the big kid rides that she was clearly too short and too young for. We shortly found out how big of a rip off it was to come to the fair, every ride costs $2-$3 a person and since Addy can’t ride alone we were paying $4 bucks a ride…but she’s worth it! We decided to start on a balloon, tea cup looking ride. I took her on the ride, had her sitting across from me, only to realize this ride lifted in the air and would constantly turn and then rotate like a spinning cap. We were going up and down, spinning in circles and Addy was sliding around and almost slipping underneath the buckle. It was definitely not the tea cup type of ride I was thinking of! It actually made me sick feeling but Addy enjoyed it, screaming and smiling with the best happy face ever!

They had the biggest slide of all time as well! Again, you had to pay $2 a person but it was well worth it. It honestly scared me a little and so I made Matt take Addy first. You had to climb up a ton of stairs with a blanket to slide down on but the ride was exhilarating and so fun! We both got to take Addy and I think she would have gone on it over and over again.

We also made a stop to see all the animals! We saw the chickens, geese, ducks, a giant turkey, cows, sheep, goats and pigs. Addy was even brave enough to pet the cow. We also stopped in and saw the prize winning vegetable including the giant pumpkin.

The fair isn’t complete without eating delicious fried food!! I knew I wanted funnel cake, it was my first experience, and it was by far the best thing we ordered! We went simple and just ordered the basic powered sugar one. We also shared a deep fried twinkie and cheesecake with the Berry’s. Both were just ok, the twinkie tasted like a doughnut but the cheesecake was just too much. Tempting for next year was deep fried green jello…interesting? 

We had such an amazing night at the fair, full of memories and fun! This will definitely become a family tradition in the years to come! 


I (We) LOVE New York!

Matt and I were lucky enough to go to New York in July and we seriously had the best time! We left miss Addy behind! I worried about her each and every day but by the end I totally got used to being childless and it was SO nice not changing a million diapers in one day!

My little sister, Demi, was so awesome and watched Addy while we were gone! She stayed at our house so that Addy was in her own environment and took such great care of her despite the fact that Addy got sick with the flu and she had to deal with that whole mess. Sorry Demi!

We left early Wednesday morning, giving ourselves plenty of time to get to the airport, find some food and not feel rushed. (We are known for running through airports barely making the flight). Unfortunately, there was the loooongest security line and by the time we got through, checked our flight, we realized the flight time was bumped up 30 minutes (Can they do that?! Apparently so!) So our perfect planning fell through and we were yet again running through the airport! The flight was relatively quick! We got to NY, got our bags quick, which never happens and got in the taxi to our hotel!

By the time we got to the hotel and got checked in, after the huge Chinese tour group, we decided we would go find the pizza place we had eaten at last time we were in NY! With my awesome navigation and memory we found it right away! It is seriously some yummy pizza in the time square area! After we walked around went into a few shops and decided we were overwhelmed of the crowds and went back to the hotel to go to sleep, at least for the first few hours. To our dismay, at 1:00 in the morning they started road construction just outside our hotel room. Jack hammering for multiple hours was so frustrating ear phones and music just wouldn’t help. We were lucky enough to switch rooms the next day to the quiet side of the building.

On Thursday, we started the morning off with seeing the Statue of Liberty. Due to Hurricane Sandy it was closed for months and had just re-opened a few weeks before we planned to visit! This was both our first time seeing the Statue of Liberty! It was breathtaking and a lot bigger than I thought! We walked around, listening to the tour, ok just Matt was listening to the tour, took our pictures etc. We paid a few extra bucks to go to the crown. If I have any words of advice it is not worth paying extra money for the crown! You have to climb up 350 narrow spiral steps, I mean narrow! It is also hot and dark. Once you get up to the crown, it is a very small space with little tiny windows with basically just a view of the cities.

We also went to the 9/11 Memorial, luckily we missed the long line since we booked our tickets in advance. It is such a bittersweet atmosphere. The fountains are amazing and seeing the new buildings are magnificent. We didn’t spend a ton of time there, there really isn’t much to do besides walk around, the museum doesn’t open until the Spring, which will be totally worth it! The most amazing part, to me, was the tree that survived everything! In the future the site will be open to the public and you won’t have to wait in line or go through security!

One of the new attractions in New York is the Highline! It is a park built over old railways. It is definitely a place where the locals hang out and we totally wanted to be those locals. It is such a pretty park. We walked around, got some amazing berry gelato and enjoyed the beautiful day!

We definitely knew that eating was a BIG part of our trip! Matt and I did our research of where we wanted to go. One of Matt’s TOP places was Kat’z Deli. We got a pastrami and corned beef sandwich…I made the better decisions (for once) and got the pastrami! It was pretty good but not nearly as good as we expected and what it is hyped up to be. The best was the waiter behind us, a family came in after us and the teens didn’t want to eat and the waiter was just appalled. He would come up to them and say “oh yeah I remember you, you have the sad order.” The comments kept coming and we were thoroughly entertained. Some other restaurants we hit were Parm, definitely the parmesan chicken sandwich trumped over my sausage sandwich. Dafni’s Greek food was so so good! Matt didn’t like it as much as I did, he isn’t part Greek, so I guess he didn’t get it! We were recommended the shake shack but we were sadly disappointed, burgers were average and there shakes were awful, maybe we ordered the wrong thing or we have way to high of expectations! We got a few cupcakes from Crumb and they were pretty good, definitely would go back. We hit some ok places not worth mentioning and we definitely missed out on SO many places, never enough time, or not in the right spot! We will have to catch the places we missed next time!

We spoiled ourselves and went and saw three shows! Our second night, we saw Phantom of the Opera, we went to the discount ticket place and decided we should see it since, I have never seen it and it was one of Matt’s favorites. Plus it was celebrating its 25 year on broadway. It was a great show and I am so glad we saw it! Friday night we saw Newsies, this was definitely the one I was most excited about. Newsies was my favorite show growing up (and I still love it to this day), I remember looking at the newspaper tv schedule to see when it would be one every year! It was by far our favorite show! I had to contain myself not to sing out loud or dance around! Saturday, Matt’s birthday, we saw Matilda. It was definitely entertaining, minus the old people talking a ton…despite our glares and shhhh’s, but it was a bit bizarre! Music was entertaining, the kids were amazing and Mrs. Trunchbull was awesome (and a man)! One of Matt and my favorite things to do is see Broadway plays we are glad we got to see them all and wished we could have seen many more…again, next time!

Saturday, was Matt’s birthday! We spent the day in Brooklyn. We took the subway down to the bridge and to our surprise was a Belgium Waffle (Wafels and Dinges) truck that was on our list to try, sadly we had just eaten a large breakfast but we couldn’t resist and had to order a wafel. We got a speculous and maple syrup wafel and it was to die for! Well worth the extra fullness and calories. Luckily, we were just starting the long walk across the bridge. The bridge walk was awesome and so pretty! I still can’t believe the structure of these bridges that were built so long ago! One thing Matt definitely wanted to do was go to Brooklyn for Grimaldi’s Pizza. We got over the bridge, walked around the park/waters, I got myself a pre-lunch Brooklyn icecream and then we headed to Grimaldi’s to wait in line for pizza. It wasn’t too long of a line and if there is a line it is totally worth it! The pizza was amazing!

We had to do the whole central park thing and I really wanted to rent bikes and ride around. Once we got there I was totally convinced we should rent bikes from those shady non company guys…biggest mistake EVER! They said they got us brand new bikes, within a few minutes I realized I couldn’t change the gears on one side and going up the hills (who knew there were hills in Central Park?!) was a nightmare. We did end up riding around the entire park, stopping at a pond for awhile! It is an AMAZING park, and that is an understatement! I loved riding around, despite my awesome bike. It was definitely a must do on my list!

We had such an amazing, quick trip but it was just what we needed! We loved exploring the city and being on fast forward mode without a child! We got to see some amazing sites, eat wonderful food and spend quality time with each other! We don’t know when we will have an opportunity again! We got to spend our trip celebrating Matt’s 31st birthday! It was a great trip and we can’t wait to go back!