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Harrison: 11 months

We are loooong overdue for an update, boy has this little guy changed. He is already 11 months. Some fun facts about our little Harris man:

After falling down the stairs a few times, he has mastered crawling up and is pretty good at going down. We have extra wide stairways and getting gates would cost us a ton. So we have spent a lot of time hanging out on the stairs watching and teaching him. We’ve also found some great things around the house to block the stairs, like our bench from our room, the play kitchen etc. He is so proud of himself and every time he gets to the top he claps for himself. He is such a proud little boy.

He is becoming a picky eater, which is so frustrating. I have tried so hard to not make this boy picky. Picky eaters are the worst. We offer him pretty much everything we eat. He does like my green smoothies, he doesn’t like really tart fruit, he prefers pretty bland foods. He loves chewing on hard breads and pretzels (must be the salt like his daddy) but he absolutely LOVES chocolate. He does anything to get his hands on chocolate. 

He got his first two teeth, finally! I was getting worried there for a minute. He still hasn’t grasped the whole chewing concept, hopefully once that happens he will start liking a variety of foods.

He loves to hold his hand out/point to what he wants/where he wants to go. It’s the cutest thing ever!

He is a bit of a whiner, he kinda whines all.the.time! It’s definitely frustrating at times. He seriously whines more with me however, he will be perfectly fine until I walk in the room, then it begins. 

He loves to be around his sister and wants everything and anything that she has. His sister absolutely loves him and loves to give huge hugs but doesn’t like to share her toys. She is really rough with him. Even with the constant, “be soft” she is still really really rough with him. She will pull him down, push him, grab his legs so he can’t crawl, hug him around his neck…you name it. It’s definitely a battle but soon he is going to be bigger and will be able to fight back (Addy doesn’t know what’s coming).

He is a pretty good sleeper. He still wakes up one time per night, but sometimes more and sometimes not at all. If he does wake up he drinks a bottle in 10 minutes and falls right back to sleep. He definitely loves his sleep. He is a tummy sleeper and will roll right to his stomach and snuggle his blankets. He really loves his soft bamboo blankets!

Aside the fact that he is whiny, he really is a happy boy! He loves attention and he loves people! He is a little charmer, he stares at people to give him attention and then gives the biggest smiles and laughs in return. He definitely has a happy personality!

He still has bad eczema, it goes from practically gone to red and bleeding within days. We can’t get a grip on it so we will be visiting a dermatologist this week to hopefully get a better cream or at least some answers. Until then, we continue to put aquaphor, vanicream and hydrocortizone.

He absolutely loves the swing, he just laughs and laughs. We are having an exceptionally warm winter and have been able to visit the park and swing.

He started crawling right before Christmas, so just after 10 months. He did this funny crawl with his right leg, practically walking and the other leg crawling. He occasionally does it now and it’s quite comical. He is walking around with his walker, walking with our hands and along furniture. He pulls himself up on everything. He has only stood on his own a few times, so I am sure walking is still a ways out.

He is definitely a boy and into everything. I constantly compare boys vs. girls and this boy thing is so new but so fun at the same time.

He still has a love for baths. When he hears the water starting he gets so excited. He splashes like crazy, and has the time of his life for those 20 minutes, then he is done and just wants to stand out of the tub. I should probably bathe him more often than I do because he loves it that much.

He loves to sneak into the bathroom, when he hears the door open he quickly crawls to try to get in. He does this when we open the down stairs and pantry door too.

He is such a fun little boy to have in our family. He gives the best smiles and they are always the same expressions, he has the biggest eyes.  He has the cutest golf ball sized cheeks that I just kiss all day. He is relatively happy when he gets his way, pretty chill and into everything. We love him and can’t believe we are nearing the 1 year mark already! We love you Harrison!


2014: Addy’s Dance Recital


Addy had her second dance recital. This year we switched studios to a studio closer to home. The ballet class was full so we decided to try the tap/jazz combo class. I thought for sure she would like tapping. She definitely likes the shoes and the sounds they make but she was definitely skeptical of this new form of dance for a bit.

We had a few months of her screaming, crying and not dancing, which was frustrating and sad. I was about to take her out of dance and then something clicked and she started going on her own without tears. Now she loves it and she is learning a ton! She has the sweetest teachers, Miss Cindy and Laura, and she is learning so much! She talks about her teacher all the time and loves getting a stamp on her hand at the end the most!

Her winter recital was so entertaining to watch, the entire show was! Addy did awesome, her dance was called the flying suit. She did a lot of the dance but refused to hold hands and dance in a circle with the other girls…even though I had talked and talked about her not being stubborn and holding hands.

She had quite the audience show up. There were 8 of us there to support her. It was an hour long show (which was awesome because they split the entire studio up into 3 or 4 different shows and in different age groups so you weren’t there forever) and it was full of entertainment! Addy’s dance was at the tail end of the show, I was nervous of her being back stage without me and I was worried she was going to need the restroom or she would pee on stage, oh the joys of being a mom! But she did awesome!! It is so much fun to see her grown up, dancing on stage. She loved getting makeup on and asked for makeup for a few days after. The next day she had mascara under her eyes, it made me smile.

Matt recorded the entire dance with our nice camera and I was trying to snap pictures on my phone, which was silly because hardly any turned out and I was pretty bummed. However, our awesome neighbors and friends saw me taking them off my phone and snapped a ton of pictures of Addy for us. We are so lucky to have such great friends looking out for us.

It was so much fun to see her perform, I don’t think there is anything much cuter than a little girl in their dance costume. Afterwards, my parents (plus Mindy and Ted) went to one sweet slice to get Addy a well deserved cupcake for her awesome performance. We are looking forward to her tap performance this spring!


Harrison: 5 months


Harrison is already 5 months, how does it go by so fast?!

A little about this sweet, cute boy:

He is seriously such a happy boy! I mean the HAPPIEST little boy EVER! He loves to hear is name and find people in the room. He seriously lights up anytime anyone gives him just a little attention, especially smiles. He is rarely fussy and just has the most laid back personality.

He has the best and cutest laugh. I could listen to it allll day!

He loves Addy! He is constantly entertained by her and will follow her around the room. It’s so sweet to see them interact with one another. Addy takes such good care of him, until it involves him touching her toys or blanket, then it’s another story. She is already stealing away his baby toys.

He is rolling, it took him awhile to figure out the whole arm thing. He pretty much rolls when he is laying on his back and is content for a bit on his belly but has only rolled a few times from his belly to back. He first rolled while we were at the Heward’s for a pool party. I left him on the grass and when I came back he was on his belly. (I missed Addy’s first roll too.) I also turned my head for one minute and he fell on the couch the first time. Poor guy, he was so upset!

He loves to be held! I don’t love holding him. I can’t get anything done. He especially loves when my mom holds him. She spoils him in the holding department.

He is an awesome sleeper, he usually soothes himself to sleep. He doesn’t wake up in the middle of the night to nurse and usually sleeps until at least 5:00 has his first feeding and is back in bed until 7ish. Give or take. It’s glorious! Sometimes he makes it to 6 but then it throws off his entire day! He has had a few days where he has woken up at 3 am but then falls asleep in his swing for awhile. All and all he is a great sleeper and I am too!

He loves sleeping on his side. It’s the cutest thing. He is a mover during the night and will move 180 degrees during the night.

He loooooves to have his blanket near his face, on his face, wrapped around…you name it! It makes me super nervous though. I constantly have to check if the blanket is over his face.

He has pretty bad eczema, and it gets really bad in the heat/outside. When I think we have it under control it pops back up.

He is still going in and out of teething. I think you can see the teeth moving towards the surface. Either way he is a drooler, he loves to bite on my fingers and now in the last few days everything and he loves when we rub his gums. It breaks my heart to know that he is hurting.

He loves baths! He kicks and kicks and water goes EVERYWHERE! It is too fun to watch and not worry about the giant mess he seems to make. 

He is seriously such a great baby! I can’t believe he is already 5 months! He is starting to play with toys. He can entertain himself for awhile. We have offered him some rice cereal but he hasn’t really liked it, but he did like his first few times of sweet potatoes.

We just love these sweet moments with him. He is such a happy camper! We love him and our so happy he is part of our family. We love all the stages he is going  through and I still can’t believe how fast time is flying by! 

Knock on wood, he has only peed on me while changing his diaper twice! 


Harrison: 2 Months

Harrison is already 2 months old! Where did the time go?! My babies are growing up way too fast!

We are slowly getting into more and more of a routine and life with two really isn’t as hard as I anticipated but I should thank both Addy and Harrison they are such troopers and are so so good!

A little about Harrison at two months:

Weight: 22.5 inches Height: 11 lbs. 1 oz. (Both 34 percentile)

He really is a good baby thus far. Like most babies he has his moments of fussiness. For quite a few weeks he would have a grumpy, crying hour a few times a day and usually around the same time everyday (9 am, 7 pm). He is getting past those for the moment, thank goodness.

He is such a good sleeper. He loves sleeping/napping in his swing and sometimes on his belly. During the night he is pretty good. He is a very noisy sleeper though. He is so boy and full of grunts and manly baby noises…if there is such a thing. After 6 weeks of sleeping on the couch and in our room, we finally moved him into his room and thus far we have all had a lot more sleep and he even had a few nights where he slept through the entire night. Addy only lasted in our room for maybe a week before she was in the other room.

He is a great nurser, he got the hang of it really quick, which is so nice. For the most part and for most weeks he was only waking up twice during the night (around 1 am and 5 am). He sometimes woke up more (during a growth spurt) and for a few nights only at 5am or 6am, which is glorious. I think he is pretty close to sleeping through the night now, fingers crossed.  He does, however, nurse every 3 hours in the day almost to the minute but the longer stretches at night are so nice. Nursing definitely isn’t my favorite but he is getting pretty quick and that makes it a lot easier.  

He recently started smiling a lot! When we get him to smile a ton he will make a lot of coos and adorable baby noises and will sometimes stick out his tongue. It is the cutest thing in the whole world! I just love his huge gummy smile with his big eyes! He loves to suck on his hands, I have a feeling that he is going to be a thumb sucker. 

He is a snuggler and wants to be held a lot. He doesn’t mind tummy time, but will only last for a few minutes before getting a little frustrated. Sometimes when he is fussy the only thing to calm him down is to be laid down. He loves car rides and they put him right to sleep. 

Overall, he is a very easy going baby. He loves to lay and kick his legs and will for a half an hour at times. He likes his little activity gym and he will smile at himself in the mirror above the swing. Addy is so sweet with him and I can already tell he is just going to love her.

We can’t believe 2 months has already flown by! I have a love/hate relationship with the newborn stage but now that he is slowly growing out of it I want it to last longer. He is seriously such a good baby. We are completely smitten by him and we can’t get enough of him. 



Addy: 30 Months

Addy is such a character these days! We definitely have our moments of happiness, silliness, sadness and tears. But it’s such a joy to be her mom regardless of the hard days! Some fun facts about her:

She is quite the negotiator. She has learned to ask for 2 more minutes with everything. Whether it’s to watch more shows, play a bit longer before bed, getting more time with her binky; she tries to pull the negotiation card pretty hard. Sometimes she wins and she knows when she has claimed victory.

She is a home-body. When we have been out too long she asks if we can go home. It’s the sweetest thing. This has actually been a blessing since Harrison has arrived, it makes it easier to stay home.

She still loves baths and anything to do with water. She has loved to get pretty wild in the bath lately, it’s pretty funny! She loves to stomp and watch the water fly. She also loves to fill cups up with water and dump them all over the floor. Not my favorite thing at all! But we do have a pretty clean floor. She loves bath time even better when Matt or I get in our suits and join her, then it’s a real party!

She hates getting disciplined, haha…what two year old doesn’t. She seriously can’t handle being told no, if we tell her no or to stop, she’ll says “no” and gets upset. Sometimes she will have a tantrum with fake crying for like 10 minutes or cowardly hides behind her hands.

She loves to take us around the house and when we ask where are we going, she says, “a walk.”

She finally loves nursery! And if she has to get her diaper changed during it she gladly walks right back in. It’s a glorious moment we didn’t think was going to happen….ever! Sadly, we have kept her home from church because I am a paranoid mom so we are hoping she will still enjoy it when we go back!

She still isn’t potty trained and has no desire whatsoever. Even with the bribes and a minnie  mouse potty she has no desire to pee in the big girl potty. She shows signs of wanting to be potty trained but she still regresses if we attempt. She hates getting her diaper changed unless we are at church and it’s completely silent she’ll state she went poopy. We constantly talk about it and when we ask her if her diaper is full or poopy she will tell us no. We will continue to wait until she is ready.

Have I mentioned she is stubborn, boy she is stubborn. She does not like to be told what to do. She is set in her ways and gets so upset if things don’t happen they way she intends. She is a spoiled child, but she definitely doesn’t get her way all the time. Sometimes it’s a battle but she has to learn someway.

She is still practically only eating her meats and carbs, but she is getting a little better at attempting to try new foods. I got her to try a smoothie and a carrot the other day but of course she didn’t like it. However, I claimed it a small victory! A few months back I made pasta with peas, I hid a pea inside a penne noodle and fed her the bite. Some how she found the pea in her mouth and spit it out….HOW?! We are still working on fruits and vegetables. For now we have to make muffins or shred veggies over pasta for her to not know there are hidden healthy-ish foods inside.

She is such a great big sister. She is absolutely in love with Harrison. I was very worried she wouldn’t do well with the change but thus far she is exceeding our expectations! She constantly offers him toys and snacks. She is concerned when he is crying. She just loves to be close and touch his face, hands and toes. One of the first things she asks when she wakes up is “Where is Haron?” She does really well with him but will sometimes get sad when I am nursing and say “I want you” or she’ll ask if we will put Haron in the swing or bouncer so we can play.

She has started playing more independent since Harrison has been around. I have to admit I love it!

She loves playing with her friends! She gets so excited when she knows her friends are coming over to play or we are going to a friends house. It is the sweetest thing to see her interact with kids her age. She prefers playing with kids that are older than her. She is pretty good at sharing but she does know how to defend herself if other kids try to take away her toy.

She is my little helper! She loves to help me cook, she especially loves to make muffins and cookies. She loves to pour all the ingredients into the mixer and turn on the mixer. She also loves to help me with laundry and sweeping…pretty much anything but picking up her toys and messes. 

Her favorite activity is playing with her kitchen and tea time. We couldn’t have known this would be the perfect gift for her. She plays with it every single day. She also loves her cookie set. She thinks the frosting is the cookies though (she knows the best part!) She loves to swing, either at the park, in our arms but especially loves swinging in blankets. She could live just swinging away.

She still loves TV and movies! Sadly, she is getting more TV time than I care to admit. It’s hard when Harrison is nursing to entertain her so the TV is the next best option. Her favorite shows lately: Bubble Guppies (where she tells me every time it comes on that they are naked), Dora the Explorer (which has taught her to studder…she will say I wanna watch D-d-d-dora), Spongebob Squarepants (if there is a show that I absolutely loathe it would be this, it’s so obnoxious and useless), Jake and the Neverland Pirates (this is actually a really cute show, I love when she says: “yo ho let’s go!”) She loves Frozen and pretty much every Disney princess show. We borrowed Lion King and Beauty and the Beast from Matt’s parents. We returned them and two weeks later she couldn’t stop asking for them that we borrowed them again! She has also had a fascination with 5 little monkeys on youtube and has had watched every random version of it. She has also found a youtube video of a lady unwrapping 25 chocolate eggs, surprisingly is has 25 million views…who knows why or how?!

She is all girl! She loves to be a princess, she recently started to get into princess dresses. She loves to wear her crown but immediately asks where her wand is when I put it on her head. She has started asking to wear makeup and loves to put on chapstick. As soon as we put it on she will bat her eyes and stick her hip to the side. We are in trouble people! She loves to pick out her outfit and shoes and is pretty good when I want to do her hair in braids or pigtails.

She absolutely haaaaaaates to get dirty. I tried to get her to play with playdoh the other day and she touched it and said: “no mom, it’s yucky!” She also was eating a chocolate bunny and got chocolate all over her hands and face. I took her into the bathroom to wash everything off, when she saw how messy her face way with chocolate she got really upset. She loves to be clean.

She could (and at times does) live in her jammies all day! If I get her dressed and head out the minute we get home she is requesting that she gets back into her jammies.

She likes to compare things (in a way)…example she will have the remote and will say “it’s like a ball.” Everything is a comparison to something, and usually it’s not anything similar.

She loves to be outside and for Easter she got some shovels and sand toys. She asks to go outside to play but calls shoveling, hammering. It is fun and this is the only way she gets even a little on the dirty side.

We recently transitioned her into a big girl bed and she is absolutely loving it! She has stayed in bed at night and during nap time but it is pretty difficult to get out of. Speaking of which she is the best sleeper and looooves and needs her naps. She goes down for both without a fight and when she wakes up she patiently waits for us to come get her, even in her big girl bed.

She can finally almost count to 10 but misses a few numbers on the way. And she is starting to learn her ABC’s. She says more ABC’s when we are swinging her in her blanket.

She is such a spunky little girl and full of so much energy. She has the best personality. She is funny, loving, caring, and energetic. She is the cutest little girl and we couldn’t love her more! I can’t believe she is already 2 and a half! We thought she was so tiny until Harrison arrived,  I still can’t believe I was lugging around the 23 lb. little girl 9 months pregnant?!


Harrison’s Newborn Pictures

A few weeks ago we got Harrison’s Newborn pictures taken. Our favorite photographer moved so we tried a new photographer. We were really happy with her. She was so sweet with Addy and took so much time getting some great shots of Harrison. The best moment was when we were struggling to get Harrison in a basket, she asked me to hold him and it was the first time I was peed on. I was soaking wet, it looked like I had just peed my pants. Something to get used to with boys. We are so happy we got these pictures taken so we can remember how sweet and little he was. He already looks so different and not so newbornish it’s so crazy to me. 

Easter 2014

We had such a fun Easter this year, it was the first year that Addy was really into it and was so obsessed with the Easter Bunny. We would try to explain the real meaning of Easter to her but she was more obsessed with her new toys and candy…do you blame a 2 year old?!

We had some fun Easter egg hunts prior to Easter. My friend Lindsey put together a hunt at Draper park a few weeks before. Her family has a bunny costume and she was able to find someone to dress up and boy did Addy just love it, last year she was afraid of him, this year was a whole new story. She couldn’t wait to see him and she talked about it for days! We also had a small neighborhood hunt at the park. It was perfect and all the kids had a blast! Saturday morning we went to Macey’s grocery store and participated in their hunt, which was more like picking up lots of candy on the floor. While we were there we picked up an egg dying kit. I went for the cheapest one not realizing I had picked the inspirational one. Matt kept joking about it and I didn’t realize what he was talking about until we got home and unpacked the groceries. We are just so inspirational over at the Smith household.

Saturday morning, Matt’s parents stopped by and said hello and brought Addy a cute little bunny stuffed animal and chocolate sucker. To our surprise the chocolate bunny sucker was her absolute favorite. She would’ve devoured the entire sucker in two minutes had we let her; instead it lasted a few days.

Later that day my dad and Mindy came over and brought the cutest baskets for both Harrison and Addy. Sadly, they went to my sister’s first and left their baskets in the car…the giant peter rabbit chocolate didn’t make it. They were so kind and stopped to get her another overpriced chocolate bunny. They each got a fun book as well. It was fun to see her so excited and it was so nice of them and bring them a little gift.

Saturday night we left the Easter bunny carrots and a note thanking him for hopping by. I had the idea to cut out bunny feet print so Addy could follow them to her basket. We cut them out that night after the kids went to bed and had the prints go throughout the house. Up on the couch, up to eat the carrots and eventually leading to her basket. I thought she would just follow the prints instead she picked up every single footprint all around the house. I think she thought it was more of a game than thinking the Easter bunny had left a trail of where he’d been. It was still cute and so fun to see her so excited.

Later, we made breakfast, delicious buttermilk waffles and bacon. Since Harrison is still so young we aren’t going to church but we enjoyed our Sunday relaxing and enjoying time together. We even attempted to color eggs…I was so afraid of Addy spilling the dye all over the place that it didn’t last too. She enjoyed it though.

Once Addy was down, I was assigned to bring the deviled eggs. I had never made deviled eggs but I now have a greater appreciation for them. They are tricky and such a mess to make. I think I spent an hour just peeling the eggs. Overall, they turned out alright, definitely not perfect but they were delicious and that’s all that matters. I even learned a trick from a blog I follow to use a pipping  bag and tip to make the eggs look fancier. They definitely didn’t look as good as this lades but it did make it quick to fill.

Sunday night we went to my mom’s for dinner and a little egg hunt. The girls got to pick up eggs around the backyard and Addy of course had fun. We had a delicious dinner and it was fun spending time with everyone.

It was such a fun holiday and when you hear kids make holidays better, they seriously do! Addy just lit up with excitement all day. She still hasn’t stopped talking about the Easter bunny. We had to hide the Easter footprints so that she would stop asking us to put them all around the house for her to follow and pick up. We had such a great day weekend spending time with our family. Even though we tried to teach her the real meaning of Easter we are sure grateful that because of him we are able to have families and I am so grateful for these two munchkins I have.



February Holidays

We started off our February holidays early this year. My mom was sweet and was willing enough to watch Addy a few days before Valentines so we could go out to eat. If you haven’t signed up for Benihana’s birthday certificate, you must! You get a $30 gift card towards the birthday person’s meal. Benihana’s is a bit pricey but it is so delicious. We went downtown early and considered it our Valentines date instead of a birthday. We both got the filet mignon and of course the chicken fried rice…soooo good! We got to enjoy a few hours without Addy and a delicious meal without interruptions, which was awesome.

On Valentine’s Day Addy and I started off making Matt sugar cookies in the morning. Addy loved pushing the cookie cutters into the dough. She also kept demanding she wanted to eat a cookie (in the dough stage), she wasn’t very patient at waiting for them to cook. We then frosted some for Daddy and Ted, who was here working on the basement. Addy did a fantastic job, she is such a clean eater, she didn’t like if any frosting got on her. For dinner I made crispy chicken costoletta, a copycat recipe from Cheesecake Factory, mashed potatoes and asparagus. We were so hungry we didn’t even take a picture. But it was delicious. It was the first time making breaded chicken that actually worked. After dinner we spent a romantic evening at Home Depot, picking out light fixtures and getting paint for the basement. I was actually surprised by the amount of couples there, including my mom and Ted. We came home painted a few samples of paint in the bathroom, played for a bit and put Addy down. We were still so full from dinner but I just wanted chocolate so bad! So I made my surprise dessert for Matt, chocolate molten lava cakes. Again, we were so excited for them we didn’t take a picture. But for my first attempt they were delicious and actually super duper easy to make!! We will definitely be making them again.

Onward to my birthday celebrations…yes plural! It’s not my birthday if it’s not celebrated for at least a week but this year ended up being two weeks of random celebrations. First, my mom decided to have my birthday dinner a week early. So we all went to my mom’s Sunday (16th) for a delicious manicotti dinner with sausage and cookies and cream ice cream cake for dessert from coldstone. It’s always so fun to have the whole family together, including Jimmy. I got gift cards to Home Goods and Nordstrom Rack from my sisters and my mom got me a new pair of shoes, a denim skirt and shirt and an oven liner. She also gave me some money to go towards my new wedding band I got a few weeks ago. It was a great night! Addy especially loved Danny and Jimmy. Danny is her all time favorite person, besides me of course. She definitely favors guys over girls, it’s pretty funny.

Saturday before my birthday we went out with my dad to Bombay House. I have been wanting Indian food and we recently found out my dad likes it too, so I knew this was the spot for my birthday dinner. We got our usual chicken tikka masala and I got a Bombay lime juice drink. It was good but we like Royal India better.  It was a good night of celebrating either way. Afterwards, I have been craving a chocolate milkshake from crown burger so we stopped on our way home. It was a perfect end to the night!

Sunday, my actual birthday was very low key. I had to teach primary but since I share the same birthday with the other teacher I teach with I had to bring our class some yummy cookies to help us celebrate! Otherwise, it was a pretty typical day. We made homemade red pepper, goat cheese and pesto pizza for dinner. After dinner we played a few games of life, which I only get to play once a year and I beat Matt in both games! Most of my family called to wish me a happy birthday including Matt’s parents who sang the entire song and Matt’s grandma. It was a great day even though birthdays on a Sunday are not as fun.

The party kept continuing and Tuesday I got to go for an afternoon massage at my favorite spa, The Kuradoor in Salt Lake. This was Matt’s present to me and I was so excited. That night we dropped Addy off at Matt’s parents so we could go out to eat at our favorite birthday dinner restaurant, Ruth’s Chris! We have been so excited to go and it never disappoints! We got our typical salad, filet mignon, garlic mashed potatoes and cheesecake dessert to go.

Friday night I went out with my neighbors to celebrate three of our birthdays. We went to Chili’s and U-Swirl and had the best time getting out and having a fun girls night. Then Monday night I went out with my close friends and celebrated at Cafe Rio.

It’s been quite a celebration the last two weeks! It is great to be 28!  Time definitely flies by when you’re having fun. I was definitely spoiled and used the birthday and pregnant card to my fullest advantage and probably way too much.

A few Addy-isms!



Addy is definitely a chatter box these days (unless she doesn’t know you, then she just glares at you). Here are some of our favorite things she says lately:

She is constantly asking “Where’s my…Daddy, Papa, Yia-yia, or Ted?”

She says “I help you” …and will attempt to help us with everything.

When we are upstairs playing and Matt is working she loves to gasp and say “I hear Daddy!”

A favorite activity is turning off and on the lights, she will drag her plastic chair around or stand on her chair in her room. When she turns them off she says: “What happened?”

A cute but oh so frustrating saying is “Hand!” She demands our hand when she wants us to go anywhere.

She has now found her nose (I know gross) and loves to stick her little fingers up there. Whenever we say it’s yucky, stop or no. She gets mad and just continues to pick.

She is seriously a parrot and repeats everything we say! She has learned to stay “stop it” and says it to just about everything we do. She is a little monster.

She loves saying prayers now. She only says a few words but loves blessing her favorite people numerous times. It is really cute. We go through most family members, sometimes the pets and occasionally toys and houses too. 

She went through a stage for awhile when she would say “thank you…love it”

Her personal bubble can not be disturbed, she hates when people touch her and she immediately pulls away what people touch and gasps and glares. If people touch her hair or if her hair gets in her face she so strongly says “Oh no,  my hair!”

Whenever we get in the car now and the suns is in her eyes, she say “Ow my eyes” and “I need my glasses” and it’s a constant whine until I find her glasses. We have had to pull over numerous times because she just couldn’t handle looking the other way.

For awhile anytime I would touch her she would say “Ouch!” It was the best when I took her into the pediatrician’s office for her 2 year check up and she kept saying it. It definitely sounded like I was hurting  her…little stinker.

Our all time favorite is when she says “I want more!” It’s in the cutest voice ever and it’s so hard to say no to. She usually says it when we are doing something soooo funny or entertaining. Sometimes it’s the silliest little thing and just hearing her say it would brighten anyone’s day.

She will also say “Hey guys” when she is referring to both Matt and I. 

Her latest funny is asking “What are you doing to me, mom” whenever I am changing her diaper, getting her dressed etc. It’s really funny but such a strange question.

Not sure where she learned this from but the other day when Ted was leaving she put her hand on her hip and said “what?” We have never seen her do this and I don’t think I do this like ever…but maybe I do!

We love this cute little chatter box so much! She definitely keeps us on our toes and keeps us laughing all the time. We love seeing her personality show and seeing her grow through different stages. Being two definitely has it’s moments but we wouldn’t change it for a minute. She is so fun to have around and I can’t imagine what my life would be without her, our life would be pretty dull without her!  



Under Construction

The crazy people we are decided we should do a little TLC in our house. We decided to repaint our ugly oak cabinets to white, repaint the kitchen and finish our basement all before this baby boy comes in a few weeks. It’s still a work in progress but we are so close and the light at the end of the tunnel is slowly shinning!

We started working on our cabinets after Christmas, they were that ugly honey yellow oak that no one likes but is everywhere! We had talked about painting or staining them since we moved in but finally got around to researching how to do it and we decided to take on this daunting task. Well it’s now February and we are still not done! It’s definitely been a long grueling process. And I should clarify when I say we have been working on the cabinets, I really mean Matt. We were on a roll during the beginning stages, getting the doors and drawers off and numbered, sanded, primed etc. But then it slowed down, especially when Matt had to go back to real work and the only time we could work on them were nights and weekends. Then our basement started and our cabinet painting station was obsolete. We are seriously so close. We have finally sanded the cabinets in the kitchen and are just needing to prime and paint a few coats, that should only take a few days. The cupboards and drawers need just one more coat of paint and then we can hang them up and have a normal looking kitchen again! Even though it has been nice to have everything so easily accessible.

On top of repainting the cabinets we finally decided to paint over margaritaville, which we only lived with that bright wrong color green for over a year. We weren’t sad to see it go. This time we actually went and bought samples and made sure it was the right mix before buying a few gallons. We decided to go with a grey. It’s a lighter grey with a hint of beige in it. We really really like it. I had thought a darker grey would also be nice but the original color when we moved in was a dark brown and it just sucked the light away so the lighter grey is just perfect. We are excited it is done and painted. Again, Matt did the majority of the work. He is a trooper and is loving my honey do lists, especially before the baby comes.

Onward to our basement. We started our basement at the beginning of January. They were on a roll and finished framing, insulation, electrical, and HVAC within a week. The plumber came in over the weekend (Friday-Sunday) to drill through the concrete and set the drains and sewer pipes. It was definitely loud for that first week: hammering, drilling, sawing you name it. Then they started sheet-rocking. They were practically done and we decided to change the closet in the “playroom” and make them cover an exposed pipe in Matt’s office so that set them back a day (long story) but they weren’t very happy with us. Once they got past that the mudding and taping began and then the horrific sanding. Oh boy, no one could have warned me more but sheet rock dust gets EVERYWHERE! Our entire house was covered in dust. It was downright awful. We weren’t prepared nor told that’s what they were doing and didn’t turn off our heat that day, dumb big mistake. We literally were inhaling dust for days (probably the worst thing for a toddler and 7 1/2 month pregnant lady). We spent the weekend deep cleaning our house from top to bottom. We mopped our floor, steamed cleaned it and mopped again and there is STILL a filament of dust on the floor. We have still been dealing with sanding this past week but hopefully, fingers crossed, they are just about done and just doing a few spots. What’s left?! They just finished the bathroom tiling and grout today. Then it’s the molding, baseboards, doors and closets. We will paint ourselves (haha, Matt will paint) and we will order carpet! Yippee! The light at the end of the tunnel is nearing.

We are super excited to have everything complete! We are hoping it’ll all be complete within 2 weeks! That’ll give us, hopefully, a few weeks to get carpets cleaned, air ducts cleaned and get the babies room done before he comes. Definitely cutting it close but so glad it’ll be done. Home construction is not so fun and I don’t know if I ever want to do it again.