Announcing Baby #2


We are thrilled to announce we are expecting baby #2 due March 16! And it’s a BOY!! We are still in shock over here, we were definitely thinking we were having a girl! But we couldn’t be more excited! We have a lot to learn with a little boy! It is the perfect time of the year and we couldn’t be more excited about the timing! We’ve always wanted a March baby!

Before we knew what we were having we were thrilled to have either gender! Our reasons: If it’s a girl we have a TON of girl clothes and that will make life a little easier and cheaper. Plus her and Addy would be just over 2 years apart and I assume will be best buds! But we also think it would be fun to have a boy, we are due right in the midst of March madness and if we have a boy, and he’s anything like Matt and loves basketball, it would be such a fun experience to have him celebrate it during that season! I know, totally silly!

This pregnancy has been really similar to mine with Addy’s. With both I was nauseous but never threw up and extremely tired. I think it was harder this time around because I couldn’t just lay down, relax and sleep whenever I wanted. I still feel nauseous here and there even though I am  past that “sick” time. During the first trimester I have had the same aversions to foods as I did with Addy, sugary candy (which if you know me, that is just crazy) and meats. I have loved fruit and craved it just like with Addy. I had a hard time being productive; cooking, cleaning , laundry you name it has been neglected but that all changed once the glorious 2nd trimester began!

At around 16 weeks, I hadn’t started showing quite yet, I was just feeling a little chubby at that point. I started feeling the little bean around 16 weeks and just like the heart rate checks and first ultrasound I can already tell we have a wiggly baby on our hands!  Thus far it’s been a great pregnancy. Everything seems to be perfect. The first ultrasound at  9 weeks the little bean was moving around like crazy and my midwife said that wasn’t usually the case. At my 13 & 17 week appointment we easily found the heart beat and it was at a good strong pace! We haven’t been spreading the news quite like we did with Addy, I guess with round two we are a bit more casual about it this time around. We are still super excited and looking forward to meeting this little guy in 5 months!

Our ultrasound appointment went well, even with Addy yelling that she wanted her mommy the entire time. The little guy is sitting really low, no wonder I feel like I have to pee 24/7, this was just like Addy. I guess my bladder is very comfy. We weren’t sure we would be able to find out the gender since he was all tucked, again just like Addy was. But with a few jiggles we got him to move. He had one of his hand up by his head, kinda in a thinking position, which was super cute. We even saw him moving his jaw. Everything measured right on and everything is looking great! 

I am loving my midwife, I can’t tell you how nice it is to have a doctor that is kind and cares so much about you. I had the worst experience with Addy in Texas. I will be delivering at the new Lone Peak Hospital which is honestly in walking distance from my house….just 1.2 miles away (says google maps).

Addy surely doesn’t realize what is going to hit her. When we ask her “What’s in mommy’s belly?” She always points and replies “a baby” but she is in for a rude awakening! She still gets upset if I hold another baby or toddler and hates if I interact with other kids her age over her. She definitely has been spoiled being the only child. But the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. I was exactly the same way…I was 4 when my little sister was born but as soon as she came around; I wanted to be held all the time and I even tried to suffocate her (eek). We will be keeping a close eye on Addy!

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  • Cami says:

    I love all of the pictures, the pumpkin is so cute. And you are so skinny! A boy! I am super excited for you.

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