A Smith’s Life Random Update

Since we have moved to Utah Addy has been sick 3 times! She never got sick in Texas…is that a sign?! She has had two colds, thrush and now has a rash. Not good!

Matt bought a smoker, now we’re true Texans! He has smoked a few briskets and a pork thus far. The pork was great! His first brisket needed a few more hours but had potential, the last two he has definitely improved and they are so so good. He’s almost to Rudy’s level (Matt says not even close!) He is so excited to learn how to smoke more and try new recipes. He keeps saying he wants to try a “fatty” which is pretty much anything wrapped in bacon. Sounds like a clogged artery waiting to happen but he will keep insisting until he makes it! What do you think? Should I allow him to make this?

We have been to cafe rio since we have been home at least 6 times…which is a lot if you consider we’ve only been home 3 months! Haha, we love that place. However, I think Matt says on a weekly basis he misses Rudy’s. I miss Torchy’s and Chuy’s most. I know it’s sad I am talking about food but who doesn’t love some delicious food!

Demi and Danny bought Matt a groupon to a trampoline place for his birthday and we finally got to go. It was seriously so fun! My mom watched Addy while we went. We were free to act as kids again. We were literally the only adults jumping, but we didn’t mind. We loved having more fun than the parents (our age) watching on the sidelines. We had an entire hour to jump on endless trampolines. They also had a basketball hoop, dodge ball and a foam pit. Seriously, what could be more fun. We were exhausted after 15 mins. Jumping takes so much out of you. Demi and I knew someone was bound to get hurt, especially with Danny and Matt. Matt decided we would attempt a gainer off the ledge and failed, he landed on his head in the foam and hurt his back pretty bad. He was out the rest of the night. Poor guy. But that didn’t stop us, we had races around the trampolines, tag and we attempted old tricks from our past. I am proud to say I can still do a front and back flip. I was very hesitant at first but I prevailed. We definitely want to go back and try more trick. Thanks Danny and Demi! You’re the best!

We have been spending lots of time with family and friends and enjoying every minute of it. We love having a house and a big kitchen to host dinners. We couldn’t be happier right now and look forward to the cooler weather and the holidays to come.


9 Responses to “A Smith’s Life Random Update”

  • Cami says:

    I love your trampoline date! We used to do that in Provo with some friends, it was always so much fun. And tiring! Seriously I ate at Cafe Rio twice in 3 days, I love that place.

  • Jason says:

    Yes, you should allow him to make him a fatty, unless you are trying to punish him for being a bad husband.

  • Matt says:

    Boom one vote for the fatty, take that Andrea!

    Cami, I appreciate your comment but you neglected the most important part of the post. Should Matt get to make the greatest piece of BBQ goodness known to man “The Fatty”?

  • Lindsey says:

    A fatty? Most definitely. You got my vote Matt

  • Melissa says:

    I vote that Matt makes fatties too!

  • Matt says:

    Yes two more votes for a Fatty. I see absolutely no downside to smoking a bacon wrapped log of meat.

    Thank you everyone for showing Andrea the error of her ways for not allowing such a life changing event to occur.

  • Jose says:

    Your wife would definitely love a fatty. Bacon makes everything better!

  • Matt says:

    Jose you’re support means more to me then you will ever know.

  • Juan says:

    You make fattys, I invite whole family over we eat them.

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