11 Months

Addy is 11 months old! She is definitely not my tiny baby anymore. She is changing so much and I seriously look at her everyday and can’t believe how much she changes from day to day.

She is definitely getting more of an attitude. She will shake her head no when she doesn’t like what I am doing or if I try to feed her something she doesn’t like. It’s quite comical but sometimes I wonder if she is a little me.

Addy has the cutest and funniest cheesy smile. It seriously makes me laugh when she pulls her cheesy smile. I keep trying to get a good picture of it but it’s hard to catch. She is becoming such a joker and does this face at the perfect funny times. 

She got her first ear infection this past month. We knew something was wrong when she’d have a complete meltdown when we put her to bed and she was waking up numerous times per night. On top of that she was fussy during the day. She never had a fever but after searching the trusty web I realized she had other symptoms. After much contemplation we decided to go to urgent care at 9:00pm on a Friday night and pay the absurd copay amount. We were hopeful it was an accurate assumption and it was…an ear infection in one ear. We quickly got her on medication and we were happy hearts a few days later.

I started noticing this a while ago but a funny thing with Addy is that she refuses to be handed toys. She likes to see what the toys can do but then she wants to pick them up herself.

She loves to pinch and attack our face. It’s funny but she can be brutal, especially when I haven’t clipped her nails. She can leave some marks.

She is now feeding herself her bottle, we just lay her down, slightly propped up at she holds the bottle. Just seeing her do this the first time made me slightly sad, she is growing up too fast!

Another thing that has been ongoing but I realized I hadn’t talked about it was that Addy is not a cuddler. It makes me sad she won’t cuddle. She will push away the second you try to hug her tight. Even when she is hurt she doesn’t really cuddle. I am hopeful she will change when she’s older and be my little cuddle bug.

I have started teaching her sign language she knows “more” and “water.” At church she was sitting on the floor, I left a few graham crackers on the floor for her to eat and between each bite she would sign more and grab a cracker. It was so cute. However, when we want her to sign she is a little stinker and just smiles at us. She rarely will sign when we ask. However, we are working on it and hope she learns more and can communicate better with us. I just got a new sign language book and love it!

She is finally in her crib again. Yay! We are so thrilled to have our bedroom back. She has been sleeping really well in her crib. However, her legs have been caught a few times between the slats. It was fairly comical but we have now purchased a new breathable crib bumper and Addy is now safe in her crib.

Addy loves books! And that is nearly an understatement. She goes wild when we say it’s time to read books. Her two favorite books are: Are You My Mommy and Quack and Widdle Count…she literally goes crazy when we pull out those books. We always have a book handy. She will read her animal book and flip the pages making different noises. It is so cute!

Addy used to always stand, then she got a little lazy and when we try to make her stand her legs would immediately go into the sitting position or straight out. So we decided to invest in a new walker car. She really enjoys it. She still isn’t crawling but she scoots and gets around. In her walker she walks backwards but loves playing with the little piano.

We love our little Addy bug and can’t believe she is 11 months old! Time is flying by way too quick. She literally changes every few days she is learning more, developing more, becoming more independent and so much more! We love her to pieces and we love every minute we get to spend with her. She is such a happy little girl and an amazing daughter. We couldn’t ask for a better little girl to be part of our family.

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  • Stephanie Lee says:

    I am dying at how grown up she’s looking! With her little pony and everything! So cute. I love hearing everything she’s up to.

  • Cami says:

    That picture of her in the owl shirt, she is so adorable! And looking so old. I feel privileged that I got to see her last week. I love her little preferences, she definitely knows what she wants.

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